CLASS Student Success Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Meeting recorded on 4/2/2020

Our CLASS advisors answer frequently asked questions and questions submitted via our social media channels.

Zoom Meeting recorded on 4/3/2020

Our CLASS advisors discuss how to get to your Degree Progress Report & How to Search for Classes

Departments advise on major specific courses, career tracks, and graduate programs. Student Success Center advisors are supplemental to the department and can assist with any other questions.

If an advisor is not assigned in your Student Center, your department can tell you who it is.

The advisors in the Student Success Center can review your DPR and work on fixing any discrepancies.

The advisors can help you research this based on CPP articulation agreements with other campuses. If it does not articulate, an advisor can help you complete a petition that will need to be sent to the department for approval.

You can email the SSC at about petition status.

You can contact Michelle Martinez for information regarding the pledge or promise. Either advisor in the SSC can sign off on planners for the programs.

You can meet with your department chair or an advisor in the SSC to see if it’s better for you to switch to a semester curriculum.

Freshmen who began Fall 2017 were automatically switched to semesters. If you have not submitted a curriculum year change request, or switch your major after Fall 2018, you are still a quarter student. You can confirm this in your DPR at the top next to your plan.

The department who offers the course you’re trying to add will give you a permission number if you meet the prerequisites.

Schedule a Senior Graduation Check appointment with one of the advisors through CPP Connect. The advisors will let you know what you have left to graduate and when you should apply.

You can apply for graduation during your final term at CPP. You can also apply the term before you graduate when it opens up. We recommend scheduling a Senior Graduation Check with an advisor through CPP Connect to make sure when you will be graduating.