Bronco Mentoring Network

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Unlock Your Future with the Bronco Mentoring Network 

Welcome to the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Mentoring Network, your premier online platform for career advice and networking, exclusively designed for Cal Poly Pomona students and alums. Get ready to tap into a vast network of hundreds of alums eager to mentor students like you.
Here's why you should join the network:
1. Networking Made Easy
You've probably heard it a hundred times: Networking is essential for your career. But we get it. It can be daunting. Where do you start? Who do you reach out to? What do you say? The Bronco Mentoring Network simplifies networking by providing a virtual platform to connect with alum professionals. You can narrow your search by industry, employer, major, and more. Arrange video calls or send direct messages to alums, all within the platform.
2. Launch Your Career or Move It Forward
Did you know 80% of job and internship opportunities come through referrals? The Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Mentoring Network connects you with alums who have walked in your shoes and overcome the same challenges you might face. Are you wondering where alums with similar majors work today? Explore career opportunities and seek advice on industry-specific and employer-related questions.
3. Join a Supportive Community
Communities are where alums and students with shared interests or affinities come together. If connecting with alum professionals feels intimidating, communities offer a more informal discussion board format. You can ask questions or start discussions to which any community member can contribute.
4. Alumni Are Eager to Help!
Remember, every mentor on our platform volunteered to sign up because they want to pay it forward and assist a fellow Bronco. Take advantage of the incredible resources that Cal Poly Pomona offers while you're pursuing your degree, and continue to utilize the platform to expand your network even after graduation.
Join the CPP Bronco Mentoring Network today and give your networking and career a head start!