The Learning Resource Center


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), an international tutoring organization. The LRC's CRLA certification process sets an internationally accepted standard of tutor training for the purpose of providing tutors with skills, recognition, and positive reinforcement for successful work. The LRC tutoring services are free to all Cal Poly Pomona undergraduate and graduate students. Appointment, online, and drop-in tutoring are available beginning Week 2 of the semester through Finals Week.

Subject Tutoring provides one-on-one and small group tutoring on an appointment, online, and drop-in basis for courses in math, science, engineering, business, social sciences, liberal arts, etc. (courses other than reading and writing).

Writing Center offers one-on-one and small group tutoring on essays, the GWT, application letters, memos, reports, research papers, and other assignments. The Writing Center offers these services on an appointment and drop-in basis.

Appointment Scheduling/Drop-in Tutoring

Currently enrolled students are invited to call, email, or visit the LRC to schedule an appointment. Additionally, from the CPP Connect platform, students are able to view drop-in availability, schedule an appointment, cancel appointments, and track activity within the LRC. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures page for further information and note that scheduling and canceling appointments requires at least 12-hours notice. For additional information on viewing drop-in and appointment availability, refer to CPP Connect Instructions: Viewing Your College Advising Center's Drop-in or Appointment Availability.

Online Tutoring

The LRC offers asynchronous online tutoring for writing assignments and subject-specific material. Students can access LRC Online Tutoring through Blackboard:

  • Click on LRC Online Tutoring under My Organizations.
  • Read the online tutoring submission directions for writing (PDF) and for course-specific tutoring (PDF) before submitting your first assignment.
  • Access handouts and useful links from the FAQ section in the LRC Online Tutoring Blackboard organization.