Chitra S Dabas

Chitra S Dabas

Associate Professor, Apparel Merchandising and Management, College of Agriculture

Courses Taught

AMM-251, Apparel Merchandise Buying                              

AMM251A- Excel for Apparel Merchandise Buying

AMM-296- Apparel Retail Management

AMM-350, Retail Buying-II

AMM-453, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

AMM-443A, Apparel Market Research and Reporting

AMM-463/463A, Apparel Research Project

AMM-496, Advanced Topics in Apparels

AMM-454A and AMM-497A: ApparelScapes Simulation Activity


PhD., Retailing, Michigan State University                                                                       

MS, Retailing, Michigan State University                                                                       

Masters in Fashion Management, NIFT-Bangalore,


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Refereed Presentations

  • Dabas, Chitra Srivastava and Angella Kim. (2016, April). Model of Wearable Technology Adoption: Examining the Influence of Technology, Individual, Social, and Product-related Predictors. Presented at American Collegiate Retailing Association Conference, Secaucus, NY.
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