Facilities Planning & Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Custodial Cleaning

If your work area needs more than a light spruce-up and need additional assistance, you can contact Facilities Customer Service at fmcustomer@cpp.edu or call Ext. 3030. A cleaning request will then be sent to Custodial Services. 

Hand sanitizer stations have been placed in high-traffic areas of all campus buildings and at entrances and exits. If you come across a dispenser that is empty or low on hand sanitizer, contact Facilities Customer Service at fmcustomer@cpp.edu or call Ext. 3030. 

Custodial Services will complete a one-time deep cleaning before full campus repopulation starts on Aug. 2 and fall semester in-person classes begin. Cleaning protocols for work areas and instructional spaces, custodial cleaning schedules, a cleaning and disinfection matrix, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution points and supply hub stations, and other information about health and safety protocols are available on the Safer Return to Campus website. 

As the campus continues to repopulate, cleaning schedules in restrooms are returning to the frequency of pre-pandemic levels. With social distancing requirements relaxed, the occupancy levels in restrooms have returned to normal. If you find a restroom in need of cleaning, contact Facilities Customer Service at fmcustomer@cpp.edu or call Ext. 3030.  

Break rooms are cleaned on a regular basis. Individuals should wear face coverings while heating up meals and only remove face coverings while eating food. Even though social distancing rules have been relaxed, existing campus policy remains in place. If you are using the break room, wear a face covering unless you are eating or drinking. 

Customer Service

There are a few ways to request services: Email your request or inquiry to fmcustomer@cpp.edu. Call Ext. 3030 and a representative will assist you over the phone. Fill out a Service Request Form and submit the form via fax (Ext. 4363) or scan and email the form to fmcustomer@cpp.edu.  

Administrators, directors and managers are listed on the FP&M contact list.

Also, reference the FP&M organizational chart.

Building 81 is on Citrus Lane off Eucalyptus Lane. Directions can be found at https://www.cpp.edu/fpm/fm/docs/directions-to-facilities.pdf 

Custodial Services locks and unlocks academic buildings in the morning and evenings Monday through Friday. Classrooms are the responsibility of the department scheduling the class and card access is authorized through IT. Card key access is done by the dean’s office in each college. If assistance is needed, contact the Customer Service Center (909) 869-3030. For after-hours access, call Cal Poly Pomona’s University Police Department at (909) 869-3070.

Generally, offices are cleaned once a week.

Routine campus cleaning is performed in three shifts:

Early morning: Monday through Friday from 3 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  
Day shift: Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.  
Graveyard shift: Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., Friday from 6 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.  

A work order number will be generated within 24 hours (during business hours). Please keep in mind that your project may not be as simple as it seems. Some projects may require planning and design, review and approval by the State Fire Marshal, ADA/accessibility review, plan approval and building permits, final inspections or parts to be ordered. Please allow time for these potential steps. You will be advised along the way.  

Batteries and toner cartridges can be placed in the blue recycle bins. They will be retrieved by Custodial staff members and properly disposed of.

No, FP&M does not loan these items. Please submit a work request to fmcustomer@cpp.edu or call Facilities Service Center at Ext. 3030 if assistance is needed.  

Fill out a Document Request Form and submit it to fpmdrc@cpp.edu.

A key request is processed within 24 hours. However, the request can take up to a week for a key to be cut by the locksmith if the key is not part of department inventory. FP&M policy states, “The Key Shop will make every effort to respond to all key requests within 72 hours of receipt of a completed original Key Request Form.” Please complete the Key Request Form at https://www.cpp.edu/fpm/docs/forms/key_request_2018.pdf and submit the form to fmkeydesk@cpp.edu or fax to (909) 869-4363. For up-to-date information on Key Policy Issuance, please visit https://www.cpp.edu/fpm/administration/7-12-21-campus-key-policy---issuance--control.pdf 

The garden is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located adjacent to the CLA Building. Parking in campus lots is $8 a day. Parking passes can be purchased from ticket kiosks in Lot F10 and Lot C. Directions to the Japanese Garden can be found at  


Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance is the postponement of building and equipment maintenance/upgrades from an entity's normal operating budget cycle due to a lack of funds. Lack of funding for routine maintenance can cause neglect, allowing minor repair work to evolve more serious health and safety conditions, and costlier projects down the road.

Properly maintained campus facilities reflect the pride of the institution. As a world class institution, Cal Poly Pomona must address basic facility needs in a code compliant, energy efficient and fiscally responsible manner to continue to attract talented faculty and students. Lack of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance leads to more frequent and costlier repairs later for the university.

Proactive maintenance is a preventive maintenance strategy that works to correct the root causes of failure and avoid breakdowns caused by underlying equipment or building system conditions. It is based on an analysis that uses real-time and historical data about an asset to spot trends that might lead to failure. It spots changes and makes inferences about the failure of an asset. 

Preventative maintenance is a routine or schedule for periodically inspecting equipment with the goal of identifying small problems and fixing them before major ones develop. The main goal behind preventive maintenance is for the equipment to make it from one planned service to the next without any failures.

Capital renewal is a planned investment program that ensures that facilities will function at levels commensurate with the academic priorities and missions of an institution. Included are major building and infrastructure systems and components that have a maintenance cycle in excess of one year.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

All building HVAC systems on campus are monitored by Facilities Services within our campus building management system. Alarms are sent to Facilities Personnel if monitor points are out of established parameters (running, temp, filter flow, etc.).

All HVAC systems on campus were upgraded in 2020 to MERV13 filters (as recommended by the CSU Mechanical Review Board). These filters are capable of catching virus size particles (including COVID-19).

Filters are changed at a minimum annually (or sooner if the monitoring shows excessive pressure).

We attempt to use outside air whenever possible but outside air (up to 100%) is supplied based on varying factors like building duct pressure, flow and temperature needs. NOTE: ALL air regardless of whether it is outside or return air is always cycled back through the main MERV13 filters before it is supplied to the building.

Facilities Services staff never left the campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building cleaning schedules and protocols remained in place based on CDC and SFDPH guidelines and campus usage. At this time, many classrooms, bathrooms and public spaces are cleaned a minimum of 2 times a day.

The campus uses several types based on the space being cleaned. Some examples: Electrostatic Foggers, KAIVAC no touch cleaning systems for bathrooms, manual spray bottle and surface disinfectant wipes. NOTE: ALL cleaning agents used in 2020/2021 have been listed on the EPA virus kill list.