Facilities Planning & Management

Operational Directives

Facilities Planning & Management has a goal to improve operational excellence. Operational Directives support this goal by creating open, transparent and replicable procedures to provide best-in-class service to the campus community.  

Campus Procedures
Directives Description
Facilities Modifications/Building Permits  Document provides guidance on the process required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of any state or non-state building or structure associated with the campus 

Planning for Facilities Modifications and Special Events

Operational detail describes the planning requirements for Facilities Modifications and/or Special Events prior to starting feasibility, design, permitting, construction or a special event that requires permits.

Finish Renewal Program for Campus Buildings 

Document provides guidance on the maintenance and deferred maintenance issues with finishes in campus buildings including but not limited to classrooms, laboratories, offices and hallways.

Customer Service Process  Operational detail defines FP&M’s procedures and best practices for identifying, documenting and executing unplanned work orders for technicians in the field. 
Vehicle Purchase and Maintenance Document provides guidance to the campus community on the process required to purchase and maintain a campus fleet vehicle (Also refer to Vehicle Acquisition Request Form).
Electronic Waste Recycling Program Document outlines multi-department collaboration to clarify the preferred method for campus recycling practices that involve used printer cartridges and electronic waste (E-waste).
Emergency Response Contact List Operational detail provides after-hours contact information for the University Police Department (UPD) to reach Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) employees to respond to routine, non-routine and critical after-hours emergencies. 
Guidelines on Deploying Portable Air Cleaners/Scrubbers  Document provides parameters for obtaining and deploying portable air cleaners/Scrubbers (PACs) on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Integrated Pest Management Involving Wildlife  Operational detail offers recommended protocols to be taken with incidents involving wildlife on campus property. The procedures follow the principles of the campus Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPMP). 
FP&M Internal Procedures
Directives Description

Tree Crew Bucket Truck Protocols

This document outlines the protocols for other FP&M Departments interested in reserving the Bucket Truck #355 from the Landscape Services Department.

Conveyance Preliminary Order and Invoice Process

This directive defines the processes for receiving preliminary orders (corrective action notices) from the California Department of Industrial Relations for conveyances (elevators, escalators and wheelchair lifts) and paying conveyance invoices for state and non-state building elevators.

Parts Ordering and Package Receiving This directie outlines new processes for FP&M staff who order parts and receive deliveries on campus. 

FP&M Computer Purchasing Policy

This document defines Facilities Planning & Management’s internal process for purchasing computer equipment in accordance with the campus Computer and Mobile Device Policy. The need for this policy has evolved due to hybrid work schedules and new telework agreements.

Work Order Review & Completion

Document provides comprehensive instructions for the review, execution, and finalization of work orders within the CMMS. It encompasses procedure for closing work orders, maintaining records, and conducting post-task evaluations.

Work Order Prioritization Operational detail outlines the criteria and procedure for prioritizing work orders within a maintenance management system. This document encompasses identifying key elements such as urgency, operational impact, safety concerns, and resource availability to guarantee the prompt and effective completion of tasks.
Key Issuance and Control Operational detail provides guidelines and procedures for the issuance, control, and management of keys within the organization.
CMMS User Access Document outlines procedures and protocols related to granting, managing, and maintaining user access within the CMMS. This includes defining roles, permissions, authentication processes, and security measures to ensure efficient and secure access for authorized personnel.