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About Us

About Us

Facilities Planning & Management is committed to modelling effective campus stewardship of the Physical Plant in alignment with CSU’s policy statement on Facility Maintenance.

CPP has a $412 million deferred maintenance backlog that is similar to other peer California State University campuses.  Deferred maintenance is defined as “major maintenance or capital projects that had gone unfunded in previous budget cycles. Deferred maintenance became a universally adopted part of the vocabulary of higher education.” 

CSU’s policy statement on facility maintenance requires CPP to prioritize ongoing, routine operations and maintenance of a building and prepare an annual deferred maintenance report. The ability to maintain existing facilities and infrastructure at a level that prevents further degradation of facilities condition is dependent on funding. This level of capital renewal and deferred maintenance projects for CPP is $36 million a year.

19-20 operating budget

FP&M has maintenance responsibility for 1.9 million square feet and 990 acres of grounds at the main campus.

FP&M oversees 4.4 million square feet of campus facilities, including 105 major academic and administrative buildings, quasi-auxiliary and auxiliary buildings, and University Housing. The department also oversees building permits and code compliance.

2022 FP&M Strategy Map

Departmental Overview 

Facilities Planning & Management is responsible for maintaining the University buildings and grounds, ensuring they meet high aesthetic and sustainability standards, in keeping with Cal Poly Pomona's overall culture and educational mission. Facilities Planning & Management provides smooth day-to-day operations of campus facilities and grounds as well as the Central Utilities Plant that provides all campus utilities — water and heat, electricity, and sewage services — to the academic campus. The division values safety, comfort and efficiency and strives to respond quickly to routine maintenance issues that arise, as well as to building-related or campus emergencies. The department partners with the University Police Department (UPD), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Parking & Transportation, Emergency Management and many other campus units as needed to respond to incidents and continue critical campus operations. 

The Operation

Facilities Planning & Management has nine functional areas that include:

  • Facilities Maintenance & Operations
    • Landscape Services
    • Custodial & Recycling Services
    • Motor Pool and Fleet Services
    • Lock Shop
    • Maintenance/Carpenter Shop
    • Paint Shop
    • Electrical Shop
    • Mechanical Services
    • Plumbing Shop
    • Lanterman
  • Facilities Business Services
    • Customer Service Center
    • Human Resources/Payroll Services/Organizational Development
    • Financial Services
    • Administration
    • Communication
    • Warehouse Services
  • Office of Campus Planning, Transportation & Sustainability
    • Campus Master Planning 
    • Capital Improvement Programming
    • Space Planning/Facilities Modifications 
    • Document Resource Center/GIS Mapping Services
    • Environmental Planning
    • Transportation/Mobility Planning
    • Sustainability
  • Design & Construction
    • Project Services
  • Energy, Utilities, Water Treatment Plant
  • Environmental Health and Safety