Facilities Planning & Management

Campus Space Surveys


Summary: Technicians from MetaBIM, a space management consulting firm under contract to Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M), will conduct campuswide space surveys during the 2023-2024 academic year. Findings from the space surveys will help the university improve its space management capabilities and maintain accurate space records.

Schedule: Allow the space contractor to help the university maintain an accurate inventory and measurements of all instructional spaces on campus. This is vital to obtaining resources as part of the CSU capital planning process and to enhance campus space utilization. An FP&M staff member will accompany contractors at all times, and contractors will carry a MetaBIM employee ID for identification. The space surveys are expected to continue through the spring.

Campus Impact: Technicians will use digital imaging and measuring equipment inside classrooms, teaching labs, faculty and administrative offices/workspaces. The work will be conducted around course schedules to avoid disruptions, and technicians will only survey unoccupied classrooms and labs spaces. Any sensitive or personal materials and equipment should be removed or locked away during the survey dates. Technicians will work around and not disturb the items.