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Meet the Team

Vanessa Garcia

Customer Support & Workflow Manager 
(909) 869-3844

Sarah Aiken

Customer Service Lead 
(909) 869-3336

Alexcis Dennis

Customer Service Representative
(909) 869-6021

Samantha Mowrer

Customer Service Representative
(909) 869-4259

Erica Stolz

Customer Service Representative
(909) 869-3387


The Customer Service Center (CSC) is the hub of Facilities Planning & Management, providing support services to Facilities Planning, Facilities Design & Construction and Facilities Management. This service-oriented department strives to meet the day-to-day operational needs of the university, and coordinates routine, non-routine, and emergency maintenance services requested by the campus community.

Customer Service Center hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: (909) 869-3030
Key Desk: (909) 869-3027

Have an Emergency?
For emergencies involving life, safety and/or property damage or after-hours and weekend requests, contact the University Police Department at (909) 869-3070 or Ext. 911 from a campus phone.

What We Do

All service requests are received by the Customer Service Center, then forwarded to the appropriate Facilities Management trades team to perform the work or to the planning and estimating department. The center also can check the status of a service request, charge-back estimate or any service issue. The Customer Service Center is the initial point of contact for obtaining information on service requests. The Key Desk along with the Lock Shop have responsibility for the maintenance of locks, lock hardware, issuing of keys, record keeping, coding and storing of keys, and similar devices. In addition, CSC staff members issue campus-wide broadcasts regarding construction impacts, utility outages and emergency updates. 

  • Triage calls, service requests and emails to ensure appropriate call referral and action
  • Dispatch trade services, as appropriate
  • Create, monitor and close service requests
  • Oversee estimate requests for facilities work
  • Administer and process key requests

How to Submit a Service Request

There are three methods:

  • Website: Click on the Services menu bar, select Services, select Service Requests. Fill out the Service Request Form online and submit. Please refer to these instructions to help navigate how to input an FP&M Service Request.
  • Phone: (909) 869-3030
  • Email: Submit request to

What Happens After You Submit a Service Request?   

A work order will be generated within 24 hours (during normal business hours). Your request will be evaluated by the Customer Service Center and the Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance. The request will be routed to the appropriate shop supervisor for scheduling. 

The team will determine whether the project is considered routine maintenance (non-billable) or a billable project request. Some projects may require planning and design, review and approval by the State Fire Marshal, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility review, plan approval and building permits, and final inspections. Allow time for these potential steps. Updates will be provided during the process.

If a department is planning a major renovation, it is best to begin budgeting and planning at least a year in advance. Contact the Customer Service Center to get started.

For a status update on any service request, call the Customer Service Center at Ext. 3030 or submit an inquiry to .

For challenges or concerns with a request, contact the Customer Service Center for special assistance.

Maintaining the infrastructure, buildings, and grounds of Cal Poly Pomona is an enormous task. In addition to existing projects and planned maintenance, the service desk receives more than 11,000 work requests every year. In order to give appropriate attention to all requests, the Customer Service Center representatives assign each work order a priority level ranging from one to five based on the stated need for the work, the potential mission impact, the resources involved in completing the work, and the urgency of the request when compared to other requests. The priorities outlined serve as a guide on the appropriate response time:


Imminent threat to life, property, security or environment. Emergencies receive immediate responses and are mitigated until a permanent repair can be made. Examples are an electrical power failure, an overflowing toilet, inoperable elevators, chemical odors, flooding and overflows, or broken windows that pose an imminent risk. These requests take precedence over other requests.


A situation posing a threat of personal injury, equipment damage or serious disruption to university operations. Urgent requests will be responded to as soon as possible. If circumstances prevent an immediate response, then it will be addressed within 48 hours. Examples are malfunctioning heating and cooling systems, plumbing (continuously running toilets/faucets), graffiti, flickering office lights and problems affecting the security of facilities.


Normal maintenance or service that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment or components. Examples are repairing or replacing door hardware; patching and repainting; checking, inspecting, servicing, and adjusting system components; pruning, trimming, mowing, and fertilizing grounds; repairing or replacing obsolete, worn, broken, missing or damaged ceiling tiles; and systems or components that don't immediately interfere with the university’s mission. 


Service interruptions that occur in the field when technicians are responding to planned or scheduled service requests or a technician identifies a repair that wasn’t scheduled but can be performed in 10 minutes or less. If the repair requires more than 10 minutes, the technician will create a service request as a scheduled service.


Normal maintenance or service that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment, or components but must be scheduled for completion within 90 days of the request. Examples are projects, improvements or enhancements to existing infrastructure/equipment/assets, purchasing of parts are required.

Facilities Planning & Management funds the routine care and maintenance of state-owned buildings, grounds, and the campus road and utility infrastructure. 

Any improvements or maintenance of improvements due to change of use are performed on a recharge basis (billable). The cost recovery process, as required by the CSU, requires departments to pay for services that are not routine maintenance. Maintenance of non-state buildings are performed on a recharge basis (billable).

Office moves, building a wall, hanging pictures, or moving furniture are not routine maintenance and the requesting department will be charged. An account number will be required at the time of the request. The Customer Service Center (CSC) will process the request in compliance with university procedures. The CSC representative will advise of the following:

  • When the work will be performed
  • If some or all of the work will be contracted out, capital planning will assign a project manager to be the point of contact between the department and the approved contractor.



Routine Service (non-billable)

Extra Service (billable)


Broken windows
Missing or damages ceiling tiles
Door not opening or closing
Exit door/gate problems

Whiteboard installation
A/V installation
Keyboard tray installation
Bookcase or shelf installation
Furniture assembly
Name/desk/door plates


Graffiti removal
Paint using standard colors, per
regular maintenance schedule

Paint, new custom non-standard colors

Lock Shop

Sticky lock
Key not opening the lock
Latch inoperable
Locked classrooms

Security keypad installations
Lock keys and re-keying

Electric Shop

Burned-out light bulbs
Light ballasts not working
Diffusers broken/hanging
Power outage and tripped breakers
Clock repairs

New outlet (additional power)
A/V installation
Electrical set-up for special events


Heating/cooling issues Air conditioning, above building HVAC


Custodial services (routine)
Restocking restroom supplies
Restock hand sanitizer machines
Floor cleaning (beyond routine
Fabric chair/fabric furniture cleaning


Emergency response and clean-up
Gas leaks
Pest control/removal

Project Services

Concrete repairs or replacement
Roof leaks
Utility repairs
Building or room renovations


Email a request or inquiry to

Call Ext. 3030 and a representative will assist.

Fill out a Service Request Form and submit it via fax (Ext. 4363) or email it to

Administrators, directors and managers are listed on the FP&M contact list.

Also, reference the FP&M organizational chart.

The department is situated in Building 81, located off Eucalyptus Lane and Citrus Lane. Directions to the building:

Custodial Services locks and unlocks academic buildings in the morning and evenings Monday through Friday. Classrooms are the responsibility of the department scheduling the class and card access is authorized through IT. Card key access is done by the dean’s office in each college. If assistance is needed, contact the Customer Service Center (909) 869-3030. For after-hours access, call Cal Poly Pomona’s University Police Department at (909) 869-3070.

Used batteries and toner cartridges can be placed in blue recycle bins. They will be retrieved by the Custodial staff and properly disposed of.

Generally, offices are cleaned once a week.

Routine campus cleaning is performed in three shifts:

Early morning: Monday through Friday from 3 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  
Day shift: Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.  
Graveyard shift: Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., Friday from 6 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.   

A work order number will be generated within 24 hours (during business hours). Please keep in mind that a project may not be as simple as it seems. Some projects may require planning and design, review and approval by the State Fire Marshal, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility review, plan approval and building permits, final inspections or parts to be ordered. Allow time for these potential steps. Updates will be provided during the process.

No, the department does not loan out items. Please submit a work request to or by calling the Facilities Service Center at Ext. 3030.

Fill out a Document Request Form and submit it to

A key request is processed within 24 hours. However, it can take up to a week for a key to be cut by the locksmith if the key is not in the inventory. Campus policy states: “The key shop will make every effort to respond to all key requests within 72 hours of receipt of a completed original Key Request Form.”

Please complete the Key Request Form at and submit to or fax to (909) 869-4363.

For up-to-date information on Key Policy Issuance:

The Japanese Garden is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A one-day parking pass is $8 and can be purchased from a ticket kiosk Lot F10 or Lot C. Directions to the Japanese Garden: