Design & Construction

Bruyn Bevans

Interim Director
Design & Construction


From the installation of new windows and carpeting to site selection and architectural design and construction of $100-million buildings, the Design & Construction (D&C) team helps the Cal Poly Pomona community develop physical spaces that support and enhance the university’s academic mission.

The 12-member department works closely with faculty, staff and students each step of the way—the project begins with programming, design and site selection and continues through move-in and occupancy of new and renovated facilities. Teams specialize in the construction of sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective design and solutions for the CPP community.

As a customer service-oriented group, the D&C team of design professionals, architects, LEED-accredited professionals, Certified Access Specialists (CASp), project managers, construction inspectors, construction managers, and administrative support staff represent the interests of the university and ensures that all objectives of the project are satisfied.


  • Oversee the design of new buildings and major renovations from concept to completion.
  • Process and secure agency reviews at each stage of design for compliance with state and local building codes.
  • Hire architects, engineers, landscape architects and other design services for campus projects.
  • Contract construction management and inspection services required for capital project execution.

Major Capital Outlay projects are defined as projects, building construction, improvements and renovations greater than $1,103,000. Deferred maintenance projects are exempt. (See the California State University procedures for capital projects.)


Facilities Design & Construction oversees and inspects all construction projects on campus. The department has construction managers (PM/CM) and inspectors for major capital construction, minor capital construction, and Job Order Contracts (JOC). In addition to field PM/CM staff, the office has a full-time resident project engineer and a licensed in-house architect. The university has a robust construction management history and proactively integrates industry innovations and construction delivery methods as the industry changes.

  • Ensure that all construction on campus adheres to highest safety and quality standards.
  • Collaborate with every entity involved on all levels.
  • Ensure that State University Administrative Manual (SUAM) requirements are properly executed on each project.
  • Proactively represent D&C and the university.
  • Communicate risk, budget and schedule to stakeholders.

For more information on construction management, contact FD&C at (909) 869-2249.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is a critical aspect of every project. As part of every renovation and improvement project, the university submits plans and specifications to the Division of State Architect (DSA). The DSA reviews each project for accessibility and ADA compliance.

In addition to DSA, the Campus Architect is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp). In 2003, Senate Bill 262 required the DSA to establish and publicize a program for voluntary certification by the state of any person who meets the specified criteria as a certified access specialist (CASp). The legislation also requires the DSA to publish and make available to the public a list of certified access specialists who have successfully completed and passed the Candidate Certification Examination, and who have received CASp certification. The program is designed to meet the public’s need for experienced, trained, and tested individuals who can render opinions as to the compliance of buildings and sites with the State of California codes and regulations and ADA accessibility.

For more information on ADA compliance, contact FD&C at (909) 869-2249.

Project Services



The Facilities Project Services philosophy begins with an established objective, estimates a life span with a beginning and an end, and calculates specific time, cost and performance requirements. The Project Services group is proactive, determined and innovative. The focus is to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule. The team works with the campus community from the onset to identify needs then develops estimates of probable costs and a project timeline.

Depending on complexity, scale and scope of the project, the Project Services group can provide project management services to keep the project on budget and ensure timely completion.

Need help with a project? Fill out a Project Request Form and submit it to

Project requests are prioritized by FP&M based on the following criteria: 

  1. Life safety, accessibility, single points of failure with high consequences. 
  2. Responses to accreditation visits. 
  3. Documented high-impact practices for student success involving facilities. 
  4. Grant-funded projects with external deadlines. 
  5. Planned, programmed renovations of substantial portions (more than 25 percent) of a building and associated deferred maintenance. 
  6. Renovations of small areas (less than 25 percent) in a building and associated deferred maintenance. 

Minor Capital Outlay projects are limited to those projects that correct minor deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, add access or provide equipment, or require work to meet ADA compliance. Minor capital outlay projects are those with an estimated or actual cost of less than $1,103,000. 

Minor construction does not include any work classified as maintenance or repair. Projects may not be grouped unless they are for similar work within one building or complex.

For more information on starting a Minor Capital Outlay project, please contact FD&C at (909) 869-2249. 

Many small construction and design projects at CPP are accomplished using Job Order Contracts (JOC), which are public works contracts based on a published book of costs. Contractors competitively bid for the work.

Managed by the Project Services team, JOC projects cannot exceed $1,103,000. The term for each JOC is one year or $3 million, or whichever comes first.

For more information on starting a Job Order Contract, contact FD&C at (909) 869-2249.

The Project Request Form is used to initiate campus capital projects. This includes projects funded by the campus, donors, grants, and auxiliary organizations. To initiate a project, complete the Project Request Form and send it via email to

If a proposed project entails basic refurbishment such as painting, carpeting, repairs, or maintenance, please submit a service request. Here’s how to submit a service request form:


  • Project management of Minor and Major Capital Outlay projects
  • LEED-certified professional support, Green Build and Energy Policy
  • Building Code analysis
  • Contract dispute resolution
  • Moving and relocation coordination (related to a project)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance assessment, review and consulting
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis


  • Management of design consultants, feasibility studies and programming
  • Site design guidance and direction
  • Design professional selection process
  • Cost estimating
  • Landscape architectural design review and quality control
  • Interior design services, including furniture design assistance 
  • Campus arts and memorials


  • Construction review of construction plans
  • Project bidding and award
  • Project communication
  • Construction coordination
  • Construction management and contract administration
  • Construction budget and schedule management
  • Building inspection
  • Project closeout
  • Warranty response coordination