Featured Videos

Provost Award 2019 - Felicia Friendly Thomas

MediaVision’s Richard Garippo (’10, business management) earned a prestigious Telly Award for this video that features Felicia Friendly Thomas, psychology professor and recipient of the 2019 Provost Award for Service. In it, Thomas shares what it was like as a young African American student integrating into an all-white school in South Carolina and how that drove her to a life of service. With over 12,000 entries every year, Telly Award winners offer some of the most respected work in television and video from around the world.

Join Us - Cal Poly Pomona's 75th Anniversary

In honor of Cal Poly Pomona's 75th Anniversary in 2013-2014, this video, which earned a prestigious Telly Award, was created to invite students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to join us as we Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Build the Future.

Learn Through Discovery - Projects Hatchery

Discover how students are using their hands-on experience skills to create solutions for real-world problems. 

Cal Poly Pomona's Commencement Ceremonies

With the help of a variety of departments across campus, MediaVision films the most exciting time in a student's life - commencement. Upwards of 8 cameras shown both at the live event and streamed across the world allow viewers to see the excitement and energy of the day. MediaVision films all 8 commencement ceremonies and posts them online for viewing later.

Fall Conference 2019 Entrance

Dr. Coley gets some help from Cal Poly Pomona's Formula SAE team as she's running late to Fall Conference.

Analyzing Protein Crystals

Utilizing our studio, Professors Chantal Stieber and Kathryn McCulloch teamed up to show their students how to use a microscope for analyzing crystal proteins.