Video Production


Video production will allow you to develop video content to assist you in communicating your informational goals.  These goals can range from instructional content for a course to helping promote a campus service to highlighting a member of the campus community.  

In regards to instructional support, video production can help facilitate learning by providing visual representation of hard-to-grasp concepts. Online video content can be explored prior to class thus freeing up in-class discussion time and videos can depict detailed processes by incorporating close up shots, varying camera angles, and slow motion effects.

For promotional material, we can help students, faculty, or staff understand the value of what your department or service provides.  This will allow you to better serve the campus, as well as the university community, by allowing them to better leverage what your department has to offer.

When highlighting outstanding faculty, students, or alumni, we can assist in telling their compelling stories and sharing them with the whole campus.

Regardless of your type of request, MediaVision will work closely with you from concept to completion.  We will work with you combining your content expertise with our video experience to create a compelling final video that meets your communication goals.

Ready to create a video?

  1. Request your appointment
  2. Review the Video Recording Tip Sheet
  3. The MediaVision staff will reach out to you to schedule a conceptual meeting.
  4. Depending on the nature of your request:
    1. It may be necessary to schedule a rehearsal.
    2. For field shoots, it may be necessary to schedule a time to check the location of the shoot to ensure lighting and audio can be effectively managed.
  5. Recording of events that take place after business hours or on weekends will incur a fee. In addition after hours requests will be accommodated as resources permit.
Please be sure to review our terms of service