Awardees for 2018-2019

A Rudolph

Excellence in Teaching

Donald Edberg

Professor Don Edberg joined CPP’s Aerospace Engineering department in 2001 with a 1985 Aerospace Sciences Ph.D. from Stanford, 16 years in industry at JPL and Boeing where he served as a Technical Fellow. He also spent summers at Air Force Research Lab and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in 2011 and 2016.

Dr. Edberg established CPP’s Uninhabited Vehicle and Astronautics Labs, and introduced the Astronautics curriculum. He advised student teams which flew experiments on NASA’s “Vomit Comet” and Neutral Buoyancy Facility three different times, an achievement few institutions in the nation have accomplished. He received the College of Engineering’s 2016 Outstanding Teaching Award and Northrop Grumman’s Teaching Excellence Award. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has accepted his textbook Space Launch Vehicle Design for publication in 2019.

Edberg’s hands-on teaching approach works closely with local industry, providing opportunities for students to interact directly with practicing engineers. His advising has helped senior design teams place in the top three nineteen times in AIAA design competitions since 2007, including seven firsts. Most of his students find positions in the aerospace industry or complete advanced degrees.



Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activities

Xudong Jia

Dr. Xudong Jia, Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering, is an outstanding educator. He has earned a regional, national, and international reputation as a distinguished researcher, having received four awards, written two textbooks, and published 76 papers. He was awarded $1.5 million to complete 41 externally funded projects. Dr. Jia developed QuakeView – an Earthquake Pre-Warning System, for which he was personally commended by United States Senator Barbara Boxer. As a real practitioner in solving transportation problems, Dr. Jia managed a big data environment, the Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems, and conducted applied research for LA Metro in 2008 – 2014. As a national and international expert, he is frequently invited as a speaker in conferences and was recently a keynote speaker at the 2017 China-ASEAN Mining Submit Forum. As an international collaborator, Dr. Jia has provided workshops to 1500+ presidents, deans, chairs, professors, and young faculty of Chinese universities in education and civil engineering and gave presentations to more than 22 universities in China. Dr. Jia established the UCCONNECT Summer Research Program and hosted two professional conferences in 2014 and 2016. Through these programs, 70+ students were financially supported to attend conferences and present papers and 80+ students, who were funded by the programs, received MSCE degrees. Dr. Jia is a strong promoter of the Teacher-Scholar model and has demonstrated a commitment for excellence and student success. Through partnerships with Caltrans, his students have worked on real-life projects and received numerous awards in competitions since 2007. As stated by one of his students “Dr. Jia is a model for my profession development. His dedication to applied research, creative thinking with PPP approach for engineering education, and strong leadership in changing transportation systems design and operation empower me.”



Felicia Thomas

Excellence in Service

Steve Alas

Steve Alas, Professor in the Biological Sciences Department and the Director of the Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) has demonstrated exemplary service through his leadership of programs that support and engage under-represented students. Through SEES and Dr. Alas’ efforts, the CSU-LSAMP program, the NSF BioTIER program, and the STEM Success programs have helped over 2,500 students at Cal Poly Pomona. Major grants from the California Wellness Foundation, the Hearst Foundation, the Chancellor’s Office and the National Science Foundation support the programs and represent extensive, long-term efforts to improve the University through service by strengthening student success in STEM fields. Dr. Alas serves our local community through programs like the CPP summer Discovery Camps for K-12 students held at CPP and taught by the SEES students. Over 600 K-12 students per summer have experienced hands-on learning at the Discovery Camps. Dr. Alas has provided leadership to the Biological Sciences Department, the College of Science, the Academic Senate, and the Division of Academic Affairs as either a member or chair of multiple committees. His extensive contributions to our students, his department, college, university and the alumni association are befitting the highest recognition.

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