Kinesiology and Health Promotion

Projected Course Offerings

Course# Q Equiv Course Title Prereq Units Sem
2020 201 Introduction to Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2050 New Applied Health & Well-Being (for KHP majors) 3 F/S
2070 207 Health and Well-Being (GE E) (for non-majors) 3 F/S
2200 New Pedagogical Principles of Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2220/A 204/A & 208/A Pedagogy Theory and Fieldwork/Activity 1/2 F
2290 209 Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2460S/AS 206S/AS Introduction to Students with a Disability Service Learning/Activity 3/1 F
2700 370 Stress Management for Healthy Living (GE E) 3 F/S
2990/A/L 299/A/L Special Topic for Lower Divison Students (will be used as replacement courses) 1-3 F/S*
3010 301 Foundations of Exercise Science (GE B5) A, B1-B4 3 F/S
3030/L 303/L & 403/L Physiology of Exercise/Laboratory BIO 2350/L 3/1 F/S
3040/L 304/L Introduction to Biomechanics/Laboratory BIO 2340/L, STA 1200 & PHY 1020 or 1210/L 3/1 F/S
3210/A 251/A Teaching Outdoor and Adventure Education/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/2 S
3220/A 250/A, 252/A & 262/A Teaching Individual, Dual and Team Sports/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/2 F
3230/A 255/A Teaching Rhythms and Dance/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/1 S
3240/A 257/A Gymnastics, Self-Defense and Secondary PE and Fitness/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/1 F
3250/A 264/A Teaching Aquatics/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/1 F
3260/A 328/A Teaching Elementary Physical Education and Fitness/Activity KIN 2220/A 2/1 S
3410A 341/A Teaching Practicum UD Standing 1 F/S*
3500 310 Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Physical Education 3 S
3510 New Philosophical and Ethical Issues 3 F/S
3550/A 440 Physical Education Curriculum and Assessment/Activity KIN 3210/A- 3260/A 2/1 S
3620/A 312/A Motor Behavior/Activity KIN 3030/L 3/1 F/S
3650 365 Dimensions of the Aging Process 3 F/S
4000 400 Special Study for Upper Division Students (1-3) UD Standing 1-3 F/S*
4050S/AS 405S/AS Adapted Physical Education Fieldwork Service Learning/Activity KIN 2460S/AS 1/1 F/S
4080 408 Drugs and Society 3 F/S
4120/L 412/L Movement Anatomy and Kinesiology/Laboratory KIN 3040/L 3/1 F/S
4310AS 431AS Field Experiences with Students with Disabilities Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS Coreq - KIN 4330S or 4340 1 F/S
4320S 432S Behavior Intervention and Support Plans in APE Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS 3 F
4330S 433S Motor Assessment Policies and Procedures in APE Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS & STA 1200 3 S
4340 434 APE Program Development and Implementation KIN 2460S/AS 3 S
4360 436 Clinical Practice in Adapted Physical Education Permission of instructor 3 F/S*
4370 437 Adapted Physical Education Candidate Assessment Permission of instructor 1 F/S*
4400 441 School Health Education UD or Grad standing 3 F
4410 New Internship in Kinesiology UD or Grad standing 1-2 NA
4430 451 Inequality in Sport and Physical Activity (GE D4) A, D1-D3 3 F/S
4440 New Sport and Film (GE D3) 3 F/S
4450 210 & 450 Social and Historical Perspectives in Kinesiology 3 F/S
4490 449 Sport and Culture (GE D3) 3 F/S
4500/L 470/L Electrocardiography in Health and Exercise/Laboratory KIN 3030/L 2/1 F/S
4510/A 453 Exercise Prescription and Fitness Testing/Activity KIN 3030/L 3/1 F/S
4520/A New Injury Prevention and Emergency Care/Activity 2/1 F/S
4530 455 Sports Medicine KIN 3030/L 3 F/S
4540 456 Exercise Bioenergetics and Metabolism KIN 3030/L 3 F/S
4550/L New Principles of Strength and Conditioning/Laboratory KIN 3030/L 3/1 F/S
4610 461 & 462 Senior Project Senior Standing 3 S
4620 463 Senior Seminar for Pedagogical Kinesiology Senior Standing 3 S
4650/A 479/A & 480/A Health Promotion Program Planning/Activity Senior Standing 3/1 S
4990/A/L 499/L/A Special Topic for Upper Divison Students (will be used as replacement courses) 1-3 F/S*