Appendix C - Sample Rubric for Evaluating the Student Portfolios

Instructor Name:


Description of Assignment:

Learn the fundamental principles underlying the class

Knows the appropriate definitions, theorems, or techniques, and uses them as required

For the most part, uses the material taught in class correctly but with minor mistakes

Has serious errors in understanding of the course content

Does not know the course content at all

Use effective communication skills

Well-written, clear, and uses appropriate sentence construction

Fairly clear, but with some mistakes that do not affect the accuracy

Significant mistakes that make it difficult to read or understand

Mistakes that render the work incomprehensible

Know the difference between a valid and invalid argument

Does not use invalid arguments and can recognize valid and invalid arguments

Mostly recognizes invalid arguments

Frequently tries to make arguments which are invalid, does not recognize mistakes

Does not understand the difference between valid and invalid arguments

Develop problem-solving skills

Student can do non- trivial problem solving, uses imagination and initiative to solve difficult problems

Shows some spark, but gets stuck on difficult problems

Can do only routine problems

No problem solving skills