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Yes, please provide your Bronco ID Number. If you are trying to register for a class, please know the section or class number. (See question 3 to find section or class number.)

Your Bronco ID number is located on the Degree Progress Report or on your Cal Poly Pomona Unofficial Transcript.

A section number are the two numbers that are listed next to the particular course you are trying to add.

For example, MAT 1060-02 (32976)

  • 02 is the section number.
  • 32976 is the class number.

Follow the steps below if you are having trouble searching for sections of a course:

  1. Check the term and make sure the current semester is selected.
  2. Make sure the "show open classes" box is unchecked. If all classes are waitlisted, checking the "show open classes" box will not list the offered courses.

No, click on "Continue," and then click “Finish Enrolling.” Check your class schedule to ensure you are enrolled in the course.

Click on the class section hyperlink in your enrollment shopping cart. Enter the permission number for the class in the permission number box.

If you are waitlisted, you will need to drop the class, add the course, and enter the permission number.

Students who have not fulfilled the course prerequisites will be dropped and space may become available to students on the waitlist.  If the class remains full, it is at the discretion of the instructor whether or not to overenroll the course; if they choose to do so, you will need a permission number from the instructor to override the class capacity. Alternatively, you can find an open section of the course.

Click on your Student Center weekly schedule if you are enrolled. Toggle to the "List View" and click on the hyperlinked section number.

From the Class Search page, click on the Class or Section hyperlink for the section you are interested in.

View the description of each instruction mode.

Permission numbers issued by instructors are to override course capacity only. If BroncoDirect does not recognize your prerequisites, contact the Math and Statistics Department via phone (909) 869-3645, email (, or in person (8-113).

Permission numbers will be updated if prerequisites have been met.

High school courses do not transfer as college credit. Click here to view course credit for AP, CLEP, or IB credit. Your advisor will help determine which course to take based on major and category placement.

The Mathematics and Statistics Department offers a calculus placement test. Click here to learn more information regarding the ALEKS calculus placement test.

If the course is not listed on, ccontact your assigned advisor and request to initiate a Course Substitution or General Academic petition. The Registrar's Office has additional information regarding the difference between which petition to submit.

Yes, find a community college and check to ensure you will receive credit for the course. If the course is a prerequisite to another math course, submit an unofficial transcript to to ensure you will not be dropped from the next math course.