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Colloquium Schedule

All are welcome to our colloquia. Refreshments will be served prior to the talk. If you are interested in giving a colloquium please contact Prof. Briana Foster-Greenwood, Prof. Fernando Lopez-GarciaProf. Lily SilversteinProf. Ivan Ventura, or Prof. Robin Wilson.


Spring Semester 2020

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Thursday, Feb. 27 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Giacomo Capodaglio, Ph.D., Florida State University, "Modeling and simulation of nonlocal diffusion and structural mechanics" (PDF)

Tuesday, March 3

12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Jolene Britton, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Riverside, "Numerical and Optimization Methods for Balance Laws & Fidelity Weighted Transfer Learning" (PDF)
Thursday, March 5 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249

Special Colloquium: Chong Wang, Ph.D., McMaster University, "Modeling and Analysis of patterns in multi-constituent systems with long range interaction" (PDF)

Tuesday, March 10

12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Manuchehr Aminian, Ph.D., Colorado State University, "Using applied mathematical tools to understand the immune system".
Wednesday, March 11 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Dwight Williams, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas at Arlington, "It looks like calculus: Lie superalgebras acting on polynomials in commut- ing and anti-commuting variables"
Wednesday, March 25 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Mike Willis, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. CANCELLED
Wednesday, March 15 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Jamie Haddock, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. CANCELLED
Thursday, April 30 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-2870 Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Joseph Teran, University of California, Los Angeles. CANCELLED
Thursday, May 7 12:05PM-12:50PM Zoom-webinar

Natalie Gasca, Ph.D. student, University of Washington, "How to participate in 2020 SACNAS (The National Diversity in STEM Conference)" (Video)


Fall Semester 2019

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 4 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Student talks: Evelyn Guerra, Cal Poly Pomona, "The impact of temperature dependent sex determination on the population dynamics of Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas)", and Scott West, Cal Poly Pomona, "Modeling the Adaptive Immune Response to Chronic Hepatitis B" (PDF)
Wednesday, Sep. 18 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Eric Kawaguchi, Ph.D., USC's biostatistics and epidemiology department, "A Fast and Scalable Implementation Method for Competing Risks Data" (PDF)
Wednesday, Oct. 2 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Sharona Krinsky, California State University Los Angeles, "Mastery-Based Grading: What Mathematicians Have Been Searching for in a Grading System" (PDF)
Wednesday, Oct. 16 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Rolando de Santiago, University of California, Los Angeles, "Classification of group von Neumann Algebras" (PDF)
Tuesday, Oct. 29 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Prof. Ellie Dannenberg, Pomona College, "An Introduction to Circle Packing" (PDF)

Nov. 5

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Milos Savic, University of Oklahoma, "Mathematical Creativity – A Way for Teachers and Students to Feel Empowered" (PDF)
Nov. 13
1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Lily Silverstein, Cal Poly Pomona, "An Introduction to Computational Complexity in Algebraic Geometry" (PDF)

Tuesday, Nov. 19

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Victoria Bhavsar, Ph.D., Director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development and the eLearning team, Cal Poly Pomona, “Transparency” as a strategy to improve student persistence in problem solving (PDF)

Tuesday, Nov. 26

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Prof. Ryan Szypowski, Cal Poly Pomona, "Harmony in Higher-Dimensions."


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