Colloquium Schedule

All are welcome to our colloquia. If you are interested in giving a colloquium please contact Prof. Anne Cawley, Prof. Fernando Lopez-GarciaProf. Lily Silverstein, or Prof. Ivan Ventura.

Spring Semester 2021

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Feb. 10 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom
Wednesday, Feb. 24 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Andrea Arauza RiveraCSU East Bay, The Monsters Lurking Between Dimensions n and n+1.

Wednesday, March 10 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom Dr. Nathan Alexander (Morehouse College) & Jalil CooperMathematical Models in the Sociological Imagination: Notes on the Racial Contract.
Wednesday, March 24 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Marissa Kawehi LovingGeorgia Tech, Symmetries of Surfaces.

Monday,        April 5

1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Dandrielle LewisHigh Point University, Undergraduate Research Projects in Finite Group Theory.

Wednesday, April 14 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom
Thursday, April 29 12:00PM-1:45PM zoom

Dr. Luis Leyva (distinguished speaker), Vanderbilt University, 

This is the poster with the speakers for Spring 2021 

Past Colloquium Schedules