Colloquium Schedule

Math and Stats Colloquium will be online for this academic year. All the information for each session, including Zoom ID and password, will be sent by email to the CPP math community a few days before the talk. If you are interested in presenting at the Colloquium or being added to the Colloquium mailing list to receive regular invitations, don't hesitate to contact any committee member: Prof. Lily SilversteinProf. Robin Wilson, or Prof. Fernando Lopez-Garcia.

Fall Semester 2021

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 8 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Student Talks: 
Ronald Lencevičius,  Cal Poly Pomona, Methods and Algorithms of Automatic Speech Recognition.
Len White, Cal Poly Pomona, Knot: A Math Talk.

Wednesday, Sep. 22 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Student Talks: 
Nikita Campos, Cal Poly Pomona, Grobner Bases and Buchberger’s Criterion.
Diana Morales, Cal Poly Pomona, Algae under attack: Mathematical modeling of temporal population dynamics between biofuel-relevant microalgae and predatory bacteria.


Wednesday, Oct. 6 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom  
Wednesday, Oct. 20 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Wednesday,       Oct. 27

1:05PM-1:50PM zoom


Wednesday, Nov. 10 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom


Nov. 22
1:05PM-1:50PM zoom



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