Colloquium Schedule

Math and Stats Colloquium will be in person for this academic year. However, some of the talks will also be accessible via Zoom. All the information for each session, including Zoom ID and password when it corresponds, will be emailed to the CPP math community a few days before the talk. If you are interested in presenting at the Colloquium or being added to the Colloquium mailing list to receive regular invitations, please contact any committee member: Prof. Briana Foster-Greenwood, Prof. He JiangProf. Fernando Lopez-Garcia, or Prof. Hubertus von Bremen.


Fall Semester 2022

Date Time  Location Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 14 1:05 pm-1:50 pm 4-2-314 Dr. John Rock, Cal Poly Pomona, Parsing convergence with arbitrarily close and thresholds.
Wednesday, Sep. 28 1:05 pm-1:50 pm 4-2-314 Student talks:
Maya Kasfy, Cal Poly Pomona, History, Overview, and Connections between Real Analysis and Probability Theory.
Seth Ricarte & Ryan Aniceto, Cal Poly Pomona, “How is it obvious? I really don’t see it”: Experiences of Mathematical Microaggressions in the Classroom.
Wednesday, Oct. 12 1:05 pm-1:50 pm 4-1-314 Dr. Peter Kagey, Harvey Mudd College, Spinning switches on a wreath product.
Wednesday, Oct. 26 1:05 pm-1:50 pm 4-1-314 Dr. Jose Mijares-Palacios, CSU Los Angeles, Ramsey property of simplicial complexes and the nerve of a cover.

Wednesday,       Nov. 9

1:05 pm-1:50 pm 4-1-314 Dr. He Jiang, Cal Poly Pomona, Fitting Multi-Modal Densities by Dynamic Programming.


Past Colloquium Schedules