Faculty Research Areas

Name Emphasis Research Areas
Dr. Charles F. Amelin Mathematics Fredholm Theory, Index Theorems, Commutators of Linear Operators
Dr. Stacy Brown Math Education Mathematics Education
Dr. J. Arlo Caine Mathematics Mathematical Physics, Poisson Geometry, Lie Groups, and Functional Analysis
Dr. Jillian Cannons Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Optimization, Robotics
Dr. Dhanwant Singh Gill Probability/Statistics Multivariate Analysis, Data Analysis, Sample Surveys
Dr. Briana Foster-Greenwood Mathematics Reflection Groups, Noncommutative Algebra (deformations of skew group rings), Graphs in Abstract Algebra (Cayley graphs, graph splines)
Dr. Berit Givens Mathematics Topology, Set Theory, Semigroups
Dr. Michael Green Probability/Statistics Stochastic Calculus, Markov Processes
Dr. Patricia Hale Math Education Mathematics Education, Women in Math, Science & Engineering
Dr. Hoon Kim Probability/Statistics Bayesian Inference, Hierarchical Modeling, Statistical Consulting
Dr. Adam King Probability/Statistics Survival Analysis, Bayesian Computation, Machine Learning, Statistical Programming Languages and Software Development
Dr. Alan C. Krinik Probability/Statistics Queueing Theory, Applied Probability, Random Processes
Dr. Mits Kobayashi Mathematics Number Theory
Dr. Fernando Lopez-Garcia Mathematics Analysis: Function Spaces, Poincaré and Related Inequalities, Weighted Estimates
Dr. Ioana Mihaila Mathematics Complex Analysis, Knot Theory
Dr. Chris Jungwon Mun Probability/Statistics Repeated Measurements, Nonlinear Models, Semiparametric Regression, Mixed Effect Models
Dr. Stacy Musgrave Math Education Mathematics Education
Dr. Martin M. Nakashima Mathematics Mathematical Physics
Dr. Kamta Rai Probability/Statistics Dose-Response Models, Risk Assessment, Survival Analysis
Dr. Laurie Riggs Math Education Math and Statistics Education, Teacher Professional Development, Use of Technology
Dr. Jimmy Risk Probability/Statistics Computational Statistics, Machine Learning, Gaussian Processes, Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics, Mortality Modeling
Dr. John A. Rock Mathematics Fractal Geometry, Dynamical Systems, and Multifractal Analysis
Dr. Amber Rosin Mathematics Noncommutative Rings and Semigroups
Dr. Randall Swift Probability/Statistics Harmonizable Processes, Birth-Death Processes and Queueing Theory, Differential Equations
Dr. Jennifer Switkes Mathematics Mathematical Modeling
Dr. Ryan Szypowski Mathematics Applied Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs
Dr. Hubertus von Bremen Mathematics Dynamical Systems, Computational Biology, Feedback Control of Structural Systems
Dr. Robin Wilson Mathematics Knot Theory, 3-manifold Topology
Dr. Greisy Winicki-Landman Math Education Mathematics Education, Teacher Education, Proof of Problem Solving
Dr. Weiqing Xie Mathematics Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics
Dr. Harriet Lord Mathematics Categorical Topology
Dr. Alan Radnitz Mathematics Functional Analysis
Dr. Lilian Metlitzky Mathematics Coordinator of the Early Assessment Program
Dr. Claudia L. Pinter-Lucke Mathematics Associate Vice President, Academic Programs