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Secondary Education

The Secondary Teacher Prep/Pure Mathematics subplan of our Mathematics major at Cal Poly Pomona prepares students to enter single subject credential programs and become mathematics teachers at the middle or high school level. The curriculum, specifically when combined with the recommended elective courses, prepare future teachers to teach topics such as number, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. 

This information is intended as a general guide to pursuing secondary mathematics education as a career option. Please contact the single subject advisor in mathematics for more information.

Single Subject Coordinator: Dr. Cristina Runnalls (

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Frequently Asked Questions (rev 03/14/23)

What courses are required? What electives should I take in my math major?

To see the courses required in the mathematics major, please visit the most recent curriculum sheet linked above. You’ll notice that you have several options for electives in the “Subplan” section. In order to best prepare for your future teaching career, it is HIGHLY recommended that you complete the following:

  • MAT 3060: History of Mathematics
  • MAT 3250: Introduction to Number Theory
  • MAT 3300: Modern Euclidean Geometry
  • MAT 3310: Modern Geometry
  • MAT 4950: Teaching Math in Secondary Schools I
  • MAT 4960: Teaching Math in Secondary Schools II

How do I show subject matter competency in mathematics?

There are multiple options available to show subject matter competency in mathematics, pursuant to the guidelines set by the CTC.

  • Completion of an approved subject matter program (see Subject Matter Competence in Mathematics [pg. 1] for our required list of electives)
  • Passage of a subject matter examination
  • Successful completion of coursework at an accredited institution addressing each of the domains of the subject matter requirement (see Subject Matter Competence in Mathematics [pg. 2] for our coursework list)
  • Successful completion of a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited institution, specifically a “Mathematics” major)

How and when do I apply to the credential program?

Applications for the Single Subject Credential Program in Mathematics typically occur on the following timeline:

  • Summer admission – February 1
  • Fall admission – April 1
  • Spring admission – September 15

Generally, students need to attend orientation about the process (see dates here). If you would like help preparing your application, please reach out to the Single Subject Coordinator above (Dr. Runnalls). Please note there are a lot of different components to the application (see list here), so it is important to start preparing your application early.

How long does it take to complete the Cal Poly Pomona credential program?

A traditional full-time route takes three semesters, including a semester of Clinical Practice (student teaching).

Is it possible to complete the CPP credential program in less than 3 semesters?

Yes! There is a two-semester plan, although this requires that you complete some of the credential coursework before you graduate with your Bachelor’s degree. To learn more about this process, the courses to take, and other petition requirements, please see the 1-Year Teacher Credential Program page.

Is there anything I can do now to prepare for the credential program and my future teaching career?

One of the best things you can do early on is to seek opportunities to work with youth. There is valuable experience to be found when working as a tutor, camp counselor, coach, or teacher’s aid. This experience will both be required as a part of your credential program admission, but is also valuable experience in determining whether this is the right path for you and later on as you begin interviewing for teaching jobs.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about this career option?

Please set up an appointment to talk with the single subject coordinator in mathematics, Dr. Cristina Runnalls ( She will help you set-up an appointment and can talk to you about teaching as a career, questions about the mathematics major and recommended electives, and can help as you begin to prepare your credential program application.