Mathematics and Statistics

Past Colloquium Schedules

 Spring Semester 2022

Date Time  Location Speaker and Title
Feb. 1
12:05 pm-
12-50 pm
zoom Special Colloquium: Dr. Xin Wang , Miami University (Oxford Ohio), Spatial Heterogeneity Automatic Detection and Estimation.
Feb. 4
1:05 pm-
1:50 pm
zoom Special Colloquium: Dr. Duke Chowdhury , Johns Hopkins University, 
Feb. 8

12:05 pm-
12:50 pm

zoom Special Colloquium: He Jiang, Ph.D. candidate , UC San Diego, 

Wednesday, Feb. 23

1:05 pm-1:50 pm


Student talks:
Marie Pitre , Simon Fraser University, The relationship between technological self-efficacy and mathematical self-efficacy in online learning .
Jimmy Morentin , Cal Poly Pomona, The Reconfigurations of Metric Bases .

March 9

1:05 pm-
1:50 pm


Dr. Haydee Lindo, Harvey Mudd College, Trace Ideals and Endomorphism Rings.

March 23

1:05 pm-
1:50 pm


Dr. Charles Wilkes, San Diego State University,  Unpacking Signaling Messages and Methods Through Teacher Practice in the Context of Critical Moments .

April 13

1:05 pm-
1:50 pm


Dr. Malena Espanol, Arizona State University,   Re-Imaging the World with Linear Algebra.

April 28

12:05 pm-
12:50 pm


Dr. Zair Ibragimov, CSU Fullerton, Gromov hyperbolicity of relative metrics.

May 6

2:00 pm-
3:50 pm


Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Federico Ardila , San Francisco State University, Polyhedra that know calculus.

 Fall Semester 2021

Date Time  Location Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 8 1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom

Student Talks: 
Ronald Lencevičius,  Cal Poly Pomona, Methods and Algorithms of Automatic Speech Recognition .
Len White, Cal Poly Pomona, Knot: A Math Talk

Wednesday, Sep. 22 1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom
Wednesday, Oct. 6 1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom Dr. Berit Givens, Cal Poly Pomona,  From Fibonacci numbers to polynomials, integrals, and vector spaces.
Wednesday, Oct. 20 1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom

Wednesday,       Oct. 27

1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom Dr. Alvin Moon, University of Copenhagen, The mathematics of quantum spin systems.
Wednesday, Nov. 10 1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom
Nov. 22
1:05 pm-1:50 pm zoom

Spring Semester 2021

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Feb. 10 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom
Wednesday, Feb. 24 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Andrea Arauza RiveraCSU East Bay, The Monsters Lurking Between Dimensions n and n+1.

Wednesday, March 10 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom Dr. Nathan Alexander ( Morehouse College)  & Jalil Cooper Mathematical Models in the Sociological Imagination: Notes on the Racial Contract.
Wednesday, March 24 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Marissa Kawehi LovingGeorgia Tech, Symmetries of  Surfaces.

Monday,        April 5

1:05PM-1:50PM zoom

Dr. Dandrielle LewisHigh Point University, Undergraduate Research Projects in Finite Group Theory .

Wednesday, April 14 1:05PM-1:50PM zoom
Thursday, April 29 12:00PM-1:45PM zoom

Dr. Luis Leyva (d istinguished speaker), Vanderbilt University, 

Fall Semester 2020

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 9 1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom Andrew Aguilar, Cal Poly Pomona, " Topological Properties of Almost Abelian Lie Groups and Homogeneous Spaces ," and
Vanessa Hernandez, Cal Poly Pomona,  " A look at students’ experiences in a co-requisite statistics course at a community college. "
Wednesday, Sep. 23 1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom Hakeem Frank, Cal Poly Pomona, " Gaussian Process Models for Computer Vision ," and
Bella Guan, Cal Poly Pomona,  " Introduction to Gaussian Processes for Regression . "
Wednesday, Oct. 7 1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom Kenji Kozai, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology , " Knotting and linking of DNA, polymers, and random graph embeddings. "
Wednesday, Oct. 21 1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom Manuchehr Aminian, Cal Poly Pomona, " An introduction to passive tracers ".
Wednesday, Nov. 4 1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom Erika Ward, Jacksonville University, " Geometry of Gerrymandering: Why Redistricting is so Difficult and How Mathematics Can Help ."

Monday,   Nov. 23

1:05PM-1:50PM Zoom

Mechie Nkengla, Data Products LLC, " An Odyssey from Mathematics to Data Science ."

Spring Semester 2020

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Thursday, Feb. 27 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Giacomo Capodaglio, Ph.D. , Florida State University, " Modeling and simulation of nonlocal diffusion and structural mechanics" (PDF)

Tuesday, March 3

12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Jolene Britton, Ph.D. candidate , University of California, Riverside, " Numerical and Optimization Methods for Balance Laws & Fidelity Weighted Transfer Learning" (PDF)
Thursday, March 5 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249

Special Colloquium: Chong Wang , Ph.D. , McMaster University, " Modeling and Analysis of patterns in multi-constituent systems with long range interaction" (PDF)

Tuesday, March 10

12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Special Colloquium: Manuchehr Aminian, Ph.D. , Colorado State University, "Using applied mathematical tools to understand the immune system".
Wednesday, March 11 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Dwight Williams, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas at Arlington, " It looks like calculus: Lie superalgebras acting on polynomials in commut- ing and anti-commuting variables"
Wednesday, March 25 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Mike Willis, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. CANCELLED
Wednesday, March 15 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Jamie Haddock, Ph.D. , University of California, Los Angeles.  CANCELLED
Thursday, April 30 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-2870 Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Joseph Teran , University of California, Los Angeles.  CANCELLED
Thursday, May 7 12:05PM-12:50PM Zoom-webinar

Natalie Gasca, Ph.D. student, University of Washington, "How to participate in 2020 SACNAS (The National Diversity in STEM Conference) " ( Video)

 Fall Semester 2019

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Sep. 4 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Student talks: Evelyn Guerra, Cal Poly Pomona,  " The impact of temperature dependent sex determination on the population dynamics of Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas)" , and Scott West, Cal Poly Pomona, " Modeling the Adaptive Immune Response to Chronic Hepatitis B " (PDF)
Wednesday, Sep. 18 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Eric Kawaguchi, Ph.D.,  USC's biostatistics and epidemiology department, " A Fast and Scalable Implementation Method for Competing Risks Data " (PDF)
Wednesday, Oct. 2 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Sharona Krinsky, California State University Los Angeles, " Mastery-Based Grading: What Mathematicians Have Been Searching for in a Grading System " (PDF)
Wednesday, Oct. 16 1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Rolando de Santiago,  University of California, Los Angeles, " Classification of group von Neumann Algebras" (PDF)
Tuesday, Oct. 29 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Prof. Ellie Dannenberg, Pomona College, " An Introduction to Circle Packing" (PDF)

Nov. 5

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Milos Savic, University of Oklahoma,  " Mathematical Creativity – A Way for Teachers and Students to Feel Empowered " (PDF)
Nov. 13
1:05PM-1:50PM 4-1-314 Prof. Lily Silverstein, Cal Poly Pomona,   " An Introduction to Computational Complexity in Algebraic Geometry" (PDF)

Tuesday, Nov. 19

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Victoria Bhavsar, Ph.D., Director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development and the eLearning team, Cal Poly Pomona,  “Transparency” as a strategy to improve student persistence in problem solving (PDF)

Tuesday, Nov. 26

12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616

Prof. Ryan Szypowski, Cal Poly Pomona,  " Harmony in Higher-Dimensions ."

 Spring Semester 2019

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Tuesday, Feb. 5 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Alissa Crans, Loyola Marymount University, " Curious Quandles" (PDF) - Special Colloquium
Thursday, Feb. 7 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Roberto Pelayo, University of Hawai'i at Hilo, " Factorization in Numerical Monoids and Quasi-polynomial Growth" (PDF) - Special Colloquium
Tuesday, Feb. 12 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Dr. Rebecca Patrias, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, " A tour of symmetric functions and tableau combinatorics" (PDF) - Special Colloquium
Thursday, Feb. 14 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Lily Silverstein, University of California Davis, " Probabilistic and Statistical Methods in Computational Algebra" (PDF) - Special Colloquium
Wednesday, 2/27 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Dr. Yunied Puig de Dios, UC Riverside, " Kriz's Theorem via Dynamics of Linear Operators " (PDF)
Wednesday, 3/13 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Arlo Caine, Cal Poly Pomona, " Text Recognition with Computational Topology and Geometry " (PDF)
Wednesday, 3/27 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Dr. Timmy Ma, Dartmouth College, " Mathematical Models of Learning from an Inconsistent Source " (PDF)
Wednesday, 4/17 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Jessica Jaynes, CSU Fullerton, " Using Design of Experiments to Determine Consumer Preferences with applications to Health Science " (PDF)
Thursday, 4/25 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Aaron Gaut, Jet Propulsion Lab, " Modeling and Simulation of Robotics Systems " (PDF)
Thursday, May 2 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-2870

Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Pat Thompson, Arizona State University, " A report of Developing and Investigating a Rigorous Approach to Conceptual Calculus (DIRACC)" (PDF)

Buffet lunch reception 11:30-12:00 for faculty, staff, and students outside 3-2870

Fall Semester 2018

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Wednesday, Aug. 29 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-210 Student Talks: Giao (Selena) Bui, Cal Poly Pomona, " An application of the Discrete Hardy Inequality" (PDF), and Joshua Silva, Cal Poly Pomona, " Cohomology of quadratic Poisson structures on R^3 and their foliations" (PDF)
Monday, Sept. 10 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Roummel Marcia, UC Merced (Applied Mathematics), " Linear Algebra and the Mathematics of Imaging" (PDF)
Wednesday, Sept. 26 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Cristina Runnalls, Cal Poly Pomona (Mathematics Education), " When math isn't universal: teaching with linguistic diversity in mind" (PDF)
Wednesday, Oct. 10 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Cathy Kriloff, Idaho State University (Mathematics) " Traversing Symmetric Graphs" (PDF)
Tuesday, Oct. 23 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Prof. Cynthia Flores, CSU Channel Islands (Mathematics), " Going in Depth: From defining Lebesgue Spaces to control of dispersive KdV-like equations" (PDF)
Wednesday, Nov. 7 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Dr. Kim Ayers, Pomona College " A Skew-product Flow Model for Hybrid Dynamical Systems" (PDF)
Monday, Nov. 19 1:05PM-1:50PM 8-249 Prof. Anne Cawley, Cal Poly Pomona (Mathematics Education) " Reading between the lines: decomposing the practice of explaining a procedure " (PDF)


Thursday, Dec. 6 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-249 Prof. Emily Cilli-Turner, University of La Verne (Mathematics Education) " Reshaping Mathematical Identity by Valuing Creativity in Calculus" (PDF)

Spring Quarter 2018

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Mar. 28 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Dr. Melinda Lanius, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, " Ice cream geometry: a mathematical activity and coloring book" (PDF)
Apr. 12 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Berit Givens, Cal Poly Pomona, " An exploration of triangular-square numbers" (PDF)
Apr. 18 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Lilian Metlitzky and & Prof. Greisy Winicki-Landman, Cal Poly Pomona, " Rethinking Mathematics and its Teaching" (PDF)
May 2 12:05PM-12:50PM 8-250 Prof. Ian Duncan, UC Santa Barbara (Actuarial Mathematics) " Changing Health Care: How can we harness the power of predictive analytics for patients, providers, and payers?" (PDF)
May 9 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Robin Wilson, Cal Poly Pomona, " Symmetries of the Heawood graph and its spatial embeddings" (PDF)
May 16 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Eyob Demeke, CSULA (Mathematics Education) " Proof comprehension: A case study of Abstract Algebra students" (PDF)
May 24 12:05PM-12:50PM, reception prior 11:30AM-12:00PM 3-2870

2018 Distinguished Lecture

Prof. Deanna Needell, UCLA, (Applied Mathematics) " Simple classification from binary data" (PDF)

Winter Quarter 2018

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Jan. 23 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Cristina Runnalls, University of Iowa, " Language, Math, and High School: Multilevel Comparisons of the ELL and non-ELL Student Experience" (PDF)
Jan. 30 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Raymond LaRochelle, San Diego State University, " Secondary Teachers' Professional Noticing of Students' Mathematical Thinking" (PDF)
Jan. 31 11:05AM-11:50AM 4-2-314 Prof. Shawnda Smith, CSU Bakersfield, " Minding the Gap: A Comparison between Pre-service and Practicing High School Teachers Geometry Teaching Knowledge" (PDF)
Feb. 1 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Anne Cawley, University of Michigan, "' I've gotten over being stuck not knowing': The Classroom Experiences and Mathematical Identities of Latinx Students in Developmental Mathematics " (PDF)
Feb. 21 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1623 Prof. Arlo Caine, Cal Poly Pomona, " Sensitivity of Geometric Structures" (PDF)
Mar. 7 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1623 Xander Henderson, UC Riverside,  " Quantifying Fractality: An Introduction to the Distance Zeta Function" (PDF)

Fall Quarter 2017

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Oct. 4 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1637 Dr. Bianca Thompson, Harvey Mudd College, " An accessible guide to uniform bounds of twists " (PDF)
Oct. 18 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1637 Prof. Nicholas Brubaker, CSU Fullerton, " Understanding interfaces and their application in modern technology " (PDF)
Nov. 1 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1637 Prof. James Risk, Cal Poly Pomona, " Gaussian process models for mortality and improvement factors " (PDF)
Nov. 15 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1637 Prof. Fernando Lopez-Garcia, Cal Poly Pomona, " Poincar é type inequalities" (PDF)
Nov. 16 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1-314 Dr. John Flaig, Applied Technology, " Multivariate neural network modeling " (PDF) CANCELLED
Nov. 29 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1637 Prof. Mitsuo Kobayashi, Cal Poly Pomona, " Problems Encountered at a Sabbatical " (PDF)

Spring Quarter 2017

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
April 6 12:00PM-1:00PM 3-1639 Ivan Ventura, Cal Poly Pomona, " Can You Hear the Shape of a Radial Schr\"odinger Operator? " (PDF)
April 12 1:00PM-1:50PM 3-2643 Tim Hsu, San Jose State University, " How I Flip Calculus " (PDF)
April 20 12:00PM-1:00PM 3-1616 Brandon Coya, University of California, Riverside, " Graphs and Circuits " (PDF)
April 24 2:00PM-2:50PM 8-4 Dr. Danielle O'Donnol, Indiana University, " Unknotting θ-graphs and DNA Replication" (PDF)
April 27 12:00PM-12:50PM 3-1623 Dr. Silvia Saccone, Case Western Reserve, " Are Decompositions of a Module Unique?" (PDF)
May 1 2:00PM-2:50PM 8-4 Dr. Tyler Kloefkorn, University of Arizona, " The Intersection of Homological Algebra and Numerical Methods: Finite Element Exterior Calculus " (PDF)
May 2 12:00PM-12:50PM 3-1623 Dr. Wiktor Mogilski, Binghamton University, " L^2-cohomology: Fun & Conjectures Abound " (PDF)
May 3 1:00PM-2:00PM 3-2643 Dr. Jillian Cannons, Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics, " Searching for Treasure: An Information Theoretic Linear Programming Approach " (PDF)
May 11 12:00PM-1:00PM 3-1616 Dr. Bill Zahner, San Diego State University, " Student's Linguistic Diversity in Mathematics Classrooms " (PDF)  
May 24 1:00PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Dr. Fernando Lopez-Garcia, UC Riverside, " Decomposition of Functions and Solutions " (PDF)

Winter Quarter 2017

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
January 17, Tuesday, 


Stats Search: Dr. Hayley Belli, Northwestern University,  " Sensing with Whiskers: From Geometry and Mechanics to the Statistics of the Array" (PDF)
January 23, Monday, 3:00PM-4:00PM 6-113 Stats Search: Dr. Hyunkeun Cho, " Efficient Quantile Marginal Regression for Longitudinal Data with Dropouts " (PDF)

January 24, Tuesday, 12:00PM-1:00PM

3-1637 Stats Search: Dr. Claudia Solis-Lemus, " Statistical Inference from the Tree of Life " (PDF)

January 26, Thursday, 12:05PM-12:50PM

3-1616 Stats Search: Dr. Mandev Gill, " Bayesian Modeling of Evolutionary Dynamics " (PDF)
February 1, Wednesday, 1:00PM-2:00PM 3-2643 Dr. John Flaig,  "Multivariate SPC using JMP's ARIMA and Neural Network Modeling Platforms"
February 15, Wednesday, 1:00PM-1:50PM 3-2643 Erik Hieta-Aho, " Introduction to Coding Theory " (PDF)
February 16, Thursday, 12:00PM-1:00PM 3-1616 Dr. Darryl Yong, Harvey Mudd College,  " The Power of Geometric Transformations and Symmetries(PDF)
February 27, Monday, 3:00PM-3:50PM 24-191 (Music Recital hall) Dr. Dave Kung, St. Mary's College, " Harmonious Equations: An Exploration of Math & Music " (PDF)
March 1, Wednesday, 
3-2643 Andrea Arauza, University of California, Riverside, " Harmonic Functions on the Sierpinski Gasket " (PDF)
March 7, Tuesday, 
3-1637 Stats Search: Dr. Won Chul Song, Purdue University, " Group Feature Screening via F-test " (PDF)
March 9, Thursday, 
3-1637 Stats Search: Dr. Jimmy Risk, UC Santa Barbara, " Gaussian Process Regression for Machine Learning & Statistical Computing "

Fall Quarter 2016

Date and Time


Speaker and Title
October 13, Thursday, 
Room 3-1616   Dr. Michael Hartglass, University of California, Riverside,  "An Introduction to Free Probability"
October 27, Thursday, 
Room 4-2-314 Student Colloquium: Ruben Hurtado, Ryan (Hsien-Te) Kao, Pedram O., Ali Oudich, Uyen Nguyen , Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics
November 10, Thursday, 12:00PM-1:00PM Room  Dr. Briana Foster-Greenwood, Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics, " Adventures in Noncommutative Algebra"

Spring Quarter 2016

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
April 20, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 David Nguyen, Cal Poly Pomona,  " Basketball Paths and Random Paths in Life"
April 28, Thursday, 12:05pm-12:50pm Room 3-1639 Prof. Susan Nickerson, San Diego State University, " Promising Interventions for Broadening Participation in STEM "
May 4, Wednesday, 
Room 5-240 Linda Saeta, Claremont High School, " The Discontinuities in the Derivative of Math Education "
May 20, Friday, 4:00-6:00pm Room 162-1001 Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Hernando Ombao, UC Irvine,  " The Contributions of Statistics to Brain Research"
May 25, Wednesday, 1:00pm-1:50pm Room 3-1639 Hendrik Weyer, Universitat Bremen, Germany, " Laplace Operators in Fractal Geometry - An introduction to analysis on fractals "  

Winter Quarter 2016

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
January 13, Wednesday, 

Room 3-1639

Prof. Alex Small, Cal Poly Pomona, Physics and Astronomy, " Seeing the 'Impossible' in biology "
January 27, Wednesday, 1:05-1:50pm Room 3-1639 Prof. Arlo Caine, Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics, " Cohomology of toric Poisson structures "

February 15, Monday, 1:05-1:50pm

Room 3-1637 Michael Santana, University Illinois Urbana-Champaign,  " Characterizing graphs without disjoint chorded cycles"

February 17, Wednesday, 1:05-1:50pm

Room 3-1639 Dr. Briana Foster-Greenwood, Idaho State University,  " Symmetry, graphs, and algebras associated to reflection groups"
February 22, Monday, 11:05am-11:50am Room 3-1639 Dr. Sogol Jahanbekam, University of Colorado Denver,  " Some Applications of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and Discharging Method"
February 25, Thursday, 12:05pm-12:50pm Room 3-1637 Dr. Ivan Ventura, Harvey Mudd College,  " Solitary Wave Dynamics for Nonlinear Schroedinger Equations with Slowly Varying Potential"
March 3, Thursday, 
Room 3-1637 Dr. Jillian Cannons, Cal Poly Pomona,  " Problems in Applied Optimization"

Fall Quarter 2015

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
Oct. 7, Wednesday, 
Room 3-2643 Student Talks: Ruben Yuriar, Mathematics,  " The OSU SAMMS Program and Asymptotic Analysis"  and  Miguel Landeros & Karina Pena, Mathematics,  " Irreducible Elements of Leamer Mondoids: and REU Project"
Nov. 4, Wednesday, 
Room 3-2643 Prof. Stacy Musgrave, Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics,  " Understanding and Advancing Undergraduate Mathematics Instructors' Mathematical and Pedagogical Content Knowledge"
Nov. 18, Wednesday, 
Room 3-2643 Dr. Ivan Ventura, Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics,  " Can you hear the shape of a radial Schroedinger Operator?"
Nov. 19, Thursday, 2:05-2:50PM Room 3-1637 Dr. John Flaig, FASQ, Managing Director of Applied Technology, Inc., " The New FMEA, an Econometric Approach "
Dec. 2, Wednesday, 
Room 3-2643 Dr. Angel Chavez, Pomona College, Mathematics,   " Random Conformal Mappings of the Disk"
Dec. 3, Thursday, 12:05-12:50pm Room 3-1616 Prof. Stewart Johnson, Williams College, Mathematics, " Non-linear Games on a Grid "

Spring Quarter 2015

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
April 8, Wednesday,  
Room 3-1637 Dr. Jorge Moreno, Cal Poly Pomona, Physics and Astronomy
" Interacting Galaxies in a Multi-scale Hierarchical Universe"
April 22, Wednesday,  
Room 3-1637 Dr. Ray Beaulieu, National Security Agency, Cryptographic Design
" Symmetric Key Cryptography "
May 7, Thursday,  
Room 3-1616 Prof. Blake Hunter, Claremont McKenna College, Mathematics
" Building Graphs to Analyze Big Data "
May 15, Friday,  
Room 162-1001

Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Art Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics
" The Mathematics of Games and Gambling

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Winter Quarter 2015

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
January 28, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1623 Dr. John Flaig, Fellow of the American Society for Quality, Distinguished Cal Poly Alumnus,
" A conversation with analytics thought leaders " (pdf)
January 28, Wednesday, 
Room 4-1-314 Special Colloquium: Osvaldo Soto, Mathematics Education,
" Teacher change in the context of a proof-centered professional development " (pdf)
February 2, Monday, 
Room 3-1623 Special Colloquium: Dr. Chris Yakes, Mathematics Education,
" Proportional Reasoning in the Middle Grades: Changes and Challenges with the Common Core" (pdf)
February 5, Thursday, 
Room 3-1616 Special Colloquium: Dr. Stacy Musgrave, Mathematics Education
" To get the right answer " (pdf)
February 25, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Dr. Sam Nelson, Claremont McKenna College, Mathematics
" Counting Invariants and Enhancements "
March 11, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Dr. Robin Jeffries, CSU Chico, Mathematics and Statistics
" What's the Big deal with Big data? The rising importance of training new Data Scientists"

Fall Quarter 2014

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
Oct. 8, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Student Talks: Grace Lim, Applied Mathematics, " MIT Summer Research Program: Cell Swimming " (pdf) and  Aaron Gaut, Computer Science, " Text recognition through computational topology " (pdf)
Oct. 15, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Prof. Em. Daryl J. Daley, Applied Mathematics, University of Melbourne, Australia
" Epidemic modelling: measles, dengue fever, ebola...  " (pdf)
Oct. 22, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Prof. Adam King, Cal Poly Pomona, Mathematics and Statistics
" DNA evidence, conditional probability, and the Texas sharpshooter fallacy"  (pdf)
Nov. 10, Monday, 
Room 8-4 Prof. Tommy Dreyfus, Tel Aviv University, School of Education,
" How can we know whether it is a proof?" (pdf)
Nov. 19, Wednesday, 
Room 3-2643 Dr. Guillermo Reyes, USC, Mathematics
" Degenerate diffusion in heterogeneous porous media with vanishing viscostiy " (pdf)
Dec. 3, Wednesday, 
Room 3-1639 Dr. Mohammed Omar, Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics
" When algebraic geometry meets graph theory " (pdf)