Mathematics and Statistics

Semester Conversion for Math and Stats

In  Fall 2018, Cal Poly Pomona will convert from a quarter-based academic calendar to a semester-based academic calendar. The continued success of our students is the highest priority during this conversion. The faculty and staff at Cal Poly Pomona commit to a two-way partnership with students to achieve a conversion that does not adversely affect the time to degree or cost of the degree.

Math Majors and Minors

Math documents here:

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Non-math Majors

Many of the mathematics General Education courses are being directly converted.  For example, MAT 105 is directly converting to MAT 1050, and STA 120 is directly converting to STA 1200.  As a summary:

  • MAT 105 = MAT 1050 College Algebra (does not count for GE)
  • MAT 106 = MAT 1060 Trigonometry
  • MAT 120 = MAT 1200 Calculus for Life Sciences
  • MAT 125 = MAT 1250 Calculus for Business
  • MAT 191 = MAT 1910 Survey of Mathematics
  • STA 120 = STA 1200 Introduction to Statistics

GE/Service Math Course Transition Guide  (PDF)

STEM Calculus (MAT 114+115+116+214+215) is undergoing major changes.  The three courses MAT 114+115+116 are being condensed into two courses MAT 1140+1150.  The two courses MAT 214+215 is being condensed into one course MAT 2140.  Please read the attached Calculus Transition Guide for more information.

Calculus Transition Guide (PDF)

MAT 224 is directly converted into MAT 2240 (3 units); there is also a new course MAT 2250 (4 units) which is similar to MAT 2240, but with a greater emphasis on Linear Algebra.  Engineering majors should continue to take MAT 2240.  Mathematics, Computer Science, and some other science majors should take MAT 2250