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Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) serves as a bridge to all Cal Poly Pomona students - past, present and future. The organization keeps alumni in touch with campus life and assists current students in understanding their role as future alumni, while creating a sense of commitment to their alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona.

Four Bronco Stampede Ambassadors

BroncoStampede Ambassador Program

The BroncoStampede Ambassador Program promotes Cal Poly Pomona to prospective students, their families, alumni, potential donors and friends of the university. The ambassadors are a select group of student leaders who are involved on campus and in the community and show academic excellence.

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Scholarships are a perfect example as to how the Alumni Association continues to give back. The number of scholarships that the Alumni Association offers will grow as our membership increases.

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Senior Send Off

The Senior Send Off is a month long celebration for the graduating class at Cal Poly Pomona. The Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association sponsors multiple workshops and events in the month of April that inform students about, transition into the workforce, networking, the alumni association and much more.  The Senior Send Off programs are free for all students.