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Curator, Michael A. Brown  | 909 869 4072


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3801 West Temple Avenue, Building 4A

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Biotrek Steering Committee

Ed Bobich

Ed Bobich, Ph.D., Associate Professor. | 909 869 4053

Functional plant morphology. All plant structures and processes are affected by their environment. Our research often incorporates several different fields, usually plant anatomy, biomechanics, and physiological ecology.

Erin Questad

Erin Questad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor. | 909 869 4206

Global change and the conservation of plant species diversity. Our research spans several fields, including plant community ecology, restoration ecology, and invasion ecology.

Jayson Smith

Jayson Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor. | 909 869 3625

Marine conservation ecology with particular interest in anthropogenic disturbances on ecosystem functioning and community structure of coastal habitats.

Kris Lappin

A. Kristopher Lappin, Ph.D., Associate Professor. | 909 869 2355

Evolutionary ecomorphology of animals. Techniques in functional morphology, biomechanics, and physiology are used to study how animals work. Animal-environment relationships, such as predator-prey interactions and social behavior, can be studied using techniques in behavioral ecology.

Paul Beardsley

Paul Beardsley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor | 909 869 2985

K-12 science education and botany. Collaborative research in monkeyflowers (plants in the genera Mimulus, Erythranthe, and Diplacus). Current projects involve research in systematics and the genetics of species differences and rare plants.

Kristin Bozak

Kristin R. Bozak, Ph.D., Professor. | 909 869 3656

Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology. Expression of genes involved in ripening of avocado; hormonal and developmental control of gene expression; genetic elements involved in regulation and expression.

Curtis Clark

J. Curtis Clark , Ph.D., Professor. | 909 869 4140

Plant Systematics and Evolutionary Biology. Evolution of Asteraceae, Papaveraceae; Speciation; Biogeography; Computer applications in biology.

 Sep Eskandari

Sepehr Eskandari, Ph.D., Professor. | 909 869 4182

Physiology and Neuroscience. Research in this laboratory focuses on the brain γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) transporters. Such research will pave the way for localized pharmacological treatment of epileptic seizures, stroke, and other pathophysiological conditions.

Mike Brown

Michael Brown, BioTrek Curator/Lecturer, Interpretive Planner, Trainer, Guide and National Park Service Registered Coach | 909 869 4072

Nature interpretation as a means to present science concepts and teach environmental responsibility in the translation of natural phenomena to the public.