Internship is the integration of classroom theory and practical experience in a planned mentorship program. Accordingly, MHR students doing an internship must work closely with a mentor who will teach them how to be a professional. This mentorship is important; students cannot be hired exclusively to perform a job.; While the internship program is based upon the interests and needs of both the student and the employer, there must be an element of apprenticeship and learning. During the internship students should work in a field related to their area of emphasis (i.e. Management, Entrepreneurship, or Human Resources). The establishment at which the student interns must be approved by the coordinator and the faculty on record for the course. 

If you are working with an organization that does not have a structured internship program, and therefore no mentorship, you may wish to provide them with the following documents to develop an internship opportunity that would be eligible for course credit in the MHR Department.

If you have you have any questions about internship, please contact Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, the MHR Internship Coordinator during his office hours or via email at Office hours are posted on the MHR website each semester.

Each semester the MHR Department holds TWO informational meetings regarding internship and senior project. Students are strongly encouraged to attend one of these meetings. For meeting information please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, pay attention to your e-mails. or come to the MHR Department.  

MHR students are required to complete 3 units of either internship or senior project in order to graduate. Students have two internship options, part-time internship (MHR 4410) or full-time internship (MHR 4420).

1) Part-time internship: MHR 4410 (1 or 2 units) – Students must work at their internship for a minimum of 18 hours per week during the semester in which they are enrolled.   Students must intern in a second semester in order to complete 3 units, either at the same internship location or with a different organization.

2) Full -time internship: MHR 4420 (3 units) - Students must work at their internship for a minimum of 36 hours per week during the semester in which they are enrolled.  

How to enroll in the internship class

After the student has found an internship that meets the criteria of the MHR Department, as explained above, he/she must submit the documents below to the MHR Department office. All fillable forms must be filled out electronically and printed out. Click on the links below to access the forms.

  1. MHR Internship Pre-Approval Form
  2. Academic Internship Partner Agreement Form
  3. Academic Internship Learning Plan**
  4. Academic Internship Release of Liability Form
  5. Student Emergency Contact Form
  6. Site Self-Assessment Form
  7. A copy of the job announcement student applied for, signed by supervisor (if job announcement is not available, you must provide a detailed job description specifying the duties and tasks you will be performing, also signed by supervisor)

**When completing the Learning Plan, be sure to think carefully about what your learning objectives will be. Please read this document to understand the purpose and wording of learning objectives:
MHR Learning Objectives Guideline (PDF)

Students will be notified of their acceptance into the internship class within two weeks of receipt of the above-listed documents.  

Once an internship has been approved for the upcoming quarter, a spot in the appropriate internship course will be held for the student, who may then enroll in the course during the next enrollment window that is open to the student.

Students with appropriate internships will not be guaranteed a seat in the internship class unless completed paperwork is received two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming quarter.


The student will design a creative project that benefits the company above and beyond what the student normally does at work (i.e., employee handbook, job analysis, feasibility study, training manual). It should result in the student learning something new from his/her internship assignment. During the first two weeks of the quarter the student must identify the project for the course and notify the instructor. This project must meet the approval of the employer and the instructor. At the end of the quarter, the student will have the supervisor and instructor evaluate the project. Please refer to the calendar for the due date for the final project. The project must be bound. Please see former projects in the office of the instructor.

Guidelines for choosing a project

  • Choose a project that will benefit the company that employs you; choose a project that interests you.
  • Choose a project that will make you more visible in the company.
  • Challenge yourself, but have some basic knowledge of the project you need.

Internship group meetings

The students will meet with the coordinator and other internship students for three group meetings during the quarter. Each meeting will be about two hours. The purpose of the group meetings is to: explain internship requirements; present information on obtaining jobs, including developing resumes; and have students make oral presentations on their current positions.

Work journal

The purpose of the work journal is for the student to take a look inside himself/herself and think about changes, reasons for actions or major occurrences. It should reflect thoughts and feelings about himself/herself, others, and situations, and include what he/she learned from the work experience that day. The weekly log entry allows the student to contemplate the learning process on the job.

Work journals should be one full single-spaced page in length and may represent daily entries or a more lengthy analysis of one's learning experience. The format to be followed will be presented at the first internship meeting. The work journal will generally be turned in weekly to the coordinator by email.

Presentation on position using PowerPoint and handout

An oral presentation supported by the use of PowerPoint and a PowerPoint handout will be made by each student. The presentation should consist of the following: introduction to the company; your position; your daily responsibilities; how the position relates to courses you have taken; explanation of your project; and a summary of the internship program.

Employer evaluation

Employers will receive an evaluation form to complete. The evaluation will reflect your performance on the job.

Course evaluation

Class attendance, weekly work journals, presentation, resume and reference list, project, and employer evaluation.