Dr. Preeti Wadhwa is the MHR minors coordinator; please see her during her office hours to formally enroll in a minor.

The Management and Human Resources Department offers the following minors. The purpose of these minors is to develop marketable skills in one's chosen field. Also, those students majoring in fields such as engineering or science may wish to develop adjunct skills that may prove to be complementary to their major course of study. Please see the minors coordinator in the MHR Department, if you are interested in enrolling in one of these minors. Click on the links below to view the required courses. Students should formally enroll in the minor before taking any courses in the minor.

  • General Management Minor — 29 Units

    • This minor provides non-MHR majors with an orientation to management in organizations.

  • Human Resources Management Minor — 24 Units

    • This minor provides non-MHR students with an opportunity to develop their capability to manage other employees and provides introductory background in the human resource/personnel field.

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Minor — 24 Units

    • This minor is to provide non-MHR majors with an introductory background needed to start and operate a small business.