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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Liberal Studies

Note from the Chair

portrait of Dr Christina Chávez-Reyes       Welcome Liberal Studies Majors!  


         The faculty and staff of the Liberal Studies Department eagerly support you in your decision to complete a Liberal Studies degree. Liberal Studies majors pursue a variety of careers – elementary teaching, special education teaching, and an enormous variety of other options (law, social work, small business, just to name a few). The solid liberal arts background in our programs emphasize communication and critical thinking in addition to an interdisciplnary mindset. These are meaningful and relevant to today's fast-changing economy, highlighted in this PBS new story on the emerging artisanal economy, as well as central to creating open-minded and free-thinking individuals, the historic goal of the degree.

Special Event February 18, 2015 - Composing your World: Creativity, Integrative Learning, and You by Kai Kight

The College of Education & Integrative Studies in conjuction with Liberal Studies Department is hosting an event titled Composing your World: Creativity, Integrative Learning, and You by Kai Kight. Mr. Kighnt is a product of Standford University's creative and innovation mecca. Come hear his mesmerizing original on-stage violin performance and listen to his story about how connectin disciplines (music and design) become a site for creativey and innovation. Come join us on February 18th from 4 - 5:30 pm in Ursa Minor, BSC. Light Refreshments will be provided. 

Department & Program

     The department is entering an exciting time as the university converts to semesters from quarters. Faculty and staff are taking this opportunity to revise the program to make it more relevant for 21st century life: research skills, hands-on learning and technology. As the new department chair, I welcome feedback or suggestions you might have as we move forward. In today's colleges and universities, I feel that students should have a more visible role in how the department serves them and hope to formalize opportunities in the future.

LS Website

       While this site is meant to inform you about our programs and events, we wish to remain open to revising it to meet your needs for your degree completion and career preparation. If you have feedback or suggestions about the site revision (information you would like to see on the site or other interactive elements) email me or Rebecca Briseno. Also, find us on Facebook! We will be relaunching the departmental Facebook site this fall to provide more information and connection to department happenings, campus resources and other motivational and career information.

LS Community & Connections

     We hope for students, faculty and staff to have a greater sense of community through our student-centered classrooms and connections at departmental social events and experiences. Part of preparing for your future work life is establishing positive relationships with others for work satisfaction for positive quality of life. So, take the time to develop relationships with classmates, staff members and faculty. You should establish especially a connection with Berlinda Crawford, the departmental academic advisor, who will help you with registration, advice on degree progress and referrals to other resources on campus. As a small department, we are more inclined than most to create a feeling of community while you earn your degree. Remember to get the most from your college experience beyond your time here you have to be engaged at multiple levels.
green tree with foliage with department core values
We look forward to getting to know you and helping you to succeed!                                       

Dr. Christina Chávez-Reyes

Chair, Liberal Studies Department