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The College of Education and Integrative Studies is a learning community focused on meeting the present and future needs of students in our communities. We educate students to become highly qualified and significant leaders in our society. We are committed to the principles of diversity, ethics and social justice, and life-long learning. Central to our mission are innovative and integrative thinking, reflective practice, collaborative action, and learning by doing.

Symposium Examines Strategies to Improve Transfer-Student Rate

Symposium Examines Strategies to Improve Transfer-Student Rate


Building stronger ties between universities and community colleges is a critical component in developing a robust pipeline for transfer students, a prominent researcher in education stressed at the PolyTransfer symposium at Cal Poly Pomona.

Daniel G. Solórzano, a professor of education and Chicano studies at UCLA, also cited outreach efforts, institutional change and a commitment to academic resources as other factors to improve the rate of transfer students to universities.

“We need support for our students transferring from community colleges,” said Solórzano, who holds a doctorate in sociology of education. “We must create a transfer-receptive culture, which is an institutional commitment by a four-year university to provide the support needed for students to transfer successfully and earn a bachelor’s degree.”

Solórzano’s scholarly work focuses on critical race theory in education. He also seeks to spread awareness of educational access to students of color.

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