Mission Statement

The College of Education and Integrative Studies is a learning community focused on meeting the present and future needs of students in our communities. We educate students to become highly qualified and significant leaders in our society. We are committed to the principles of diversity, ethics and social justice, and life-long learning. Central to our mission are innovative and integrative thinking, reflective practice, collaborative action, and learning by doing.

Donuts with the Dean Recap


The College of Education and Integrative Studies (CEIS) Student Council held a Q&A session with CEIS Dean Jeff Passe to receive critical updates and address the upcoming quarter to semester conversion. Below is a summary of responses provided by Dean Passe, department chairs and CEIS staff. 

Question: What are your future ideas for the college? 

  • Faculty support – Part of being a professor isn’t just teaching; there’s also service and scholarship. We want all of our professors to be cutting edge in creating new knowledge and interpreting knowledge. We want them to be able to attend conferences and receive feedback on their scholarly work.  We also want to improve staff skills and knowledge. I’m trying to find money to support those kinds of endeavors.
  • Other areas that need to be addressed are facility upgrades, improved use of technology for teaching and learning, and additional tenure track faculty.

Q:  Now that all of the leadership transitions have taken place, what are we doing to promote CEIS? 

  • Liberal Studies and Teacher Recruitment – Our recruitment strategy will include targeting students before they enter college. I’m trying to arrange a program for our students and faculty to mentor high school students who want to become teachers.
  • IGE –We want students to learn about IGE early on so they can plan ahead. We’re working with Admissions to include an IGE handout when students receive their acceptance letters from Cal Poly.
  • EWS – We’re taking steps to get the word out about the accomplishments of our very distinguished EWS faculty. We want other people to take courses in EWS or perhaps major/minor in that area.
  • Communication – Communication has been a big time emphasis over the past six months. We have newsletters, social media pages (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) and podcasts

Q: Is there a graduate/credential program in the works? Yes, there is. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for students to transition from the credentials program to the graduate program. Over the next few months, we’ll have an update for you.

Q: Will we have an updated curriculum sheet for the upcoming school year? Updated curriculum sheets are available online under Semester Conversion for credential students. If you have any questions, please contact your appropriate credential analyst.

Q: How will the ECS program improve? It’s a new program that’s just getting off the ground so you’ll have to tell us what areas need to be improved. Please direct your concerns to either myself, Dr. Nancy Hurlbut or Susan Honkoski in ECS.

Q: Can CEIS offer a minor in ECS? I don’t know if we can right away, but that’s a great idea. We will look into it.

Q: What is CEIS doing to make sure that ECS students are ready to enter the program at CPP? Students have to work with their advisors to ensure they’re taking the right courses.

Q: Are all history courses going to be combined as one class in the semester system? We’re going to offer two courses (1101 and 1102). If you need further explanation, please contact Dr. Christina Chavez-Reyes in the Department of Liberal Studies.

Q: What is happening to the science series for LS majors? What class is replacing SCI 211? The new program has the same four courses. If you need further explanation, please contact Dr. Christina Chavez-Reyes in the Department of Liberal Studies.

Q: Which classes are changing for LS majors in terms of Semester Conversion
We’re increasing courses, but we’re also taking some away. We’ve added a first year experience course for incoming freshmen and three additional courses that focus on the humanities. We’re taking away LS 459 and LS 462.