Mission Statement

The College of Education and Integrative Studies is a learning community focused on meeting the present and future needs of students in our communities. We educate students to become highly qualified and significant leaders in our society. We are committed to the principles of diversity, ethics and social justice, and life-long learning. Central to our mission are innovative and integrative thinking, reflective practice, collaborative action, and learning by doing.

Education Faculty Member Makes Literacy Fun


dr roby seuss

Who said learning can’t be fun? In February, Dr. Teshia Roby, a faculty member in the Department of Education, helped to get over 300 students and their families excited about literacy by co-hosting the Family Literacy Night event at Cal Aero Preserve Academy. The event was open to the families of the Chino Valley School District (CVUSD), which covers schools within the cities of Chino and Chino Hills, California.

The intent of the Family Literacy Night was threefold. First, the event was intended to make students and parents aware of literacy skills necessary for growing readers. Second, it was to show students and parents that reading and literacy could be family fun. Lastly, the event was intended to provide parents with family time reading tips and advice for success within the district’s reading comprehension program.

The Family Literacy Night consisted of literacy games and activities for K- 8 students and their families. The event began with an informational session for parents on how to promote reading in everyday family life, and tips for preparing their students for success with the reading comprehension program used throughout CVUSD. The presentation was followed by family time with 12, grade-specific games and activity stations. The activities represented grade-appropriate literacy skills. Families followed the activity map specific for their child’s grade and received stamps and prizes for performing each activity. At the end of the map, students created a custom bookmark to take home and use for reading.

The event was so successful, that the Department of Education was asked to make the event an annual event. Dr. Dorothy MacNevin, Department of Education chair, said of the event, "There is nothing more important in educating children than getting them excited about learning, and the key to that learning is reading. We can teach them how to read but they need to learn on their own how to love reading. And that’s why the family involvement in the student learning process is so important. They can experience the joy of sharing stories and ideas together while making reading a priority. Having a faculty member go into the community and have activities that are both educational and fun as well as teaching parents how to be effective in getting their children to read is invaluable. Albert Einstein put it best when he said, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. So having a professor dress up as Dr. Seuss, how cool is that!"