The Collins College Of Hospitality Management

Professional Work Experience and Disney Internship

Students work in paid positions in the hospitality industry to fulfill the 800-hour professional work experience requirement. A maximum of 400 hours can be counted from hospitality industry-specific work after high school graduation. At least 400 hours of hospitality industry professional work experience must be fulfilled once you have enrolled in The Collins College (“in residence”). Once the student attains the 800-hour minimum, and the student obtains documentation for his or her work hours from the hospitality industry employer(s), the student is eligible to enroll in Professional Work Experience, HRT 341. The student must also be of Junior standing.

The hospitality industry is composed of lodging properties, resorts, restaurants of all types, as well as other hospitality segments including private clubs, banquet and catering businesses, event and meeting planners, cruise ships, casinos, and convention centers. It is within one of these areas that the student will acquire professional work experience. Think of the definition of hospitality itself – the cordial, generous and gracious reception of guests. Guests at your hotel, your resort, your restaurant, at a special event or as a member of your club. It is this type of experience, as well as managing those people who serve the guests, that the student should be acquiring for this major.

Prior to acquiring a job that is not clearly a hospitality industry-specific professional work experience, as explained above, the student must gain written approval by the course professor at the time of employment. The student should seek this written approval prior to accepting the job. The instructor for the class may change periodically. Currently the professor is Ann Lara, and she can be reached at or (909) 869 4149

HRT 441 Internship in Hospitality Management

On the job training in some phase of hospitality management. The experience must be new to the student. Student meets with industry representatives and faculty to establish learning objectives and performance reviews. Analytical reports are made periodically to the instructor. Students are eligible to enroll in HRT 441 after they complete their first 800 hours of professional work experience and complete HRT 341.

Employer Internship Kit

Disney Internship 

Collins College of Hospitality Management students have the opportunity to participate in the summer-fall cohort of the Disney College Program while earning 12 units in the fall quarter.

The college has designed a course that allows Collins College students to earn full-time credits while gaining valuable professional development skills and earning a paycheck by working in front-line positions at Disneyland® Resort.  The resort includes: Disneyland, California Adventure, Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel and Grand California Hotel & Spa. Read more about the program.

Verification of 800 Hours of Professional Work Experience

Students will need to obtain proof of their 800 hours of Professional Work Experience. Documentation is due the first day of the quarter the student is enrolled in HRT 341. The student will need to submit a letter on company letterhead, with a business card attached the following information:

  1. Student's name
  2. Student's position and job duties - these must be hospitality industry specific
  3. The month(s) and year(s) that employment began and ended
  4. The number of hours worked to date
  5. Signature and business card of your manager or supervisor

If you worked for more than one employer to get to the minimum 800 hours of PWE, then you should have similar letter for each employer.