College of Science

Degree Options

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department offers a flexible program of study designed to prepare students for careers in industry and government or for highly diverse graduate studies. Students may direct their efforts into all the major areas of chemistry or focus in certain interdisciplinary areas. This is accomplished by choosing one of three rigorous options of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry: American Chemical Society option, Biochemistry option, or the General option. Students who complete the American Chemical Society option earn a degree certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

American Chemical Society Option

The ACS option emphasizes the chemistry-physics interface. The curriculum of this option leads to the more traditional careers and graduate training in chemistry.

Curriculum Sheet for ACS Option 

Biochemistry Option

This option of study emphasizes chemistry in the context of biological systems. It prepares for entrance into health-related professional programs as well as graduate study in biochemistry.

Curriculum Sheet for Biochemistry Option

General Option

The General option is designed for those students who need the most flexible program of study to meet their career goals. In consultation with an advisor, up to 12 units of electives can be chosen from outside of chemistry to create a truly interdisciplinary program of study. This degree option allows students who have an ADT in Chemistry to earn their degree in 60 semester units upon transfer. 

Curriculum Sheet for General Option

Cooperative Education Program

Aside from the choice of three options for the Chemistry degree, students may also elect to participate in the University’s Cooperative Education Program (  The Co-op program allows students to earn credit and be paid for approved work experience in a sponsoring company.   In many cases, students have gained employment in a company where they participated in a Co-op Internship.  It’s a great way to get work experience that you can list on your resume.

Senior Project

Chemistry majors have the option to do a Senior Project (conducting research with a faculty member in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department). Visit the senior project website for more information. Dr. Yan Liu is the Senior Project Coordinator.