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Cooperative (Co-Op) Education

Build your skills while serving your community

Obtaining short-term and part-time paid jobs with hands-on training/practice related to science and engineering majors while attending university can help students land good jobs after graduation. Co-Op Education Program is one of the options for students to gain that worthwhile college experience.

"As a young black woman in STEM, I have the opportunity to motivate and inspire others, like me, to also pursue careers in STEM … My advice to students thinking about applying to a job or an internship with the Co-Op Program, is to do it!” - Leilani N. Scott Young, CPP Co-Op student at Cal Fire

Co-op student intern, Leilani Scott at her internship site.

Student Co-Op Education

Participation in this program is voluntary and obtaining a cooperative education assignment is competitive.  Co-Op is a long-term paid education program designed for current sophomore, junior, and early senior undergraduate students in science and engineering who want to obtain practical work experience while pursuing a degree. This program prepares students not only for the work force by combining academic knowledge and on-the-job training specifically to their majors and career goals, but also provides employers with opportunities to evaluate students as potential full-time employees, while having them complete meaningful projects. 

  • Co-Op job opportunities are generally located in California, especially in La Verne and Los Angeles.
  • Students interested in the Co-Op Program must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Co-Op students hired through the Program are classified as Cal Poly Pomona Foundation employees.
  • Co-Op students are required to attend college at least part-time and can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year.  In summer, they can work 40 hours per week and are not required to enroll.
  • Co-Op students can work a maximum of 1,000 hours per academic year, which begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. 
  • Co-Op students are required to enroll in a Co-Op internship credit course within the first 4 months in the Program and provide proof of passing the course.  

Benefits to Students:

  • Networking opportunities with those in the industry
  • Achieve a competitive edge over others who have not had on-the-job practice experience
  • Become professionals who can utilize their learning in the classroom and apply it to the workplace
  • Earn college credit for working in the job field related to career or educational goals
  • Gain self-confidence and motivation
  • Develop professionalism, management, and leadership skills
  • Improve level of job and salary offers upon graduation
  • Applying higher education and real-world training and practice, Co-Op students can prepare themselves successfully not only nationwide but globally for a changing world with growing challenges

Students interested in the Co-Op Program must:

  • Complete the Co-Op Program Interest form by visiting the CalState portal.
  • Apply online for each available Co-Op job opening in the Sponsored Program link on the CPP Foundation portal.
  • Follow ALL the instructions on each job flyer to submit all the required items.

Cooperative Education Testimonial

Leilani N. Scott Young is a CPP Civil Engineering student and a Co-Op intern at CalFire. Learn how the Co-Op program made an impact not only on her personal life, but as well as her professional life.