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Prof. Kai S. Lam publishes 2nd edition of Contemporary Mathematical Physics

Kai S. Lam's book on Mathematical Physics

The Second Edition of the book "Topics in Contemporary Mathematical Physics" by Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department professor Kai S. Lam has just been published (by World Scientific).  The First Edition of this book came out in 2003, with a reprint in 2006.  This (Second) Edition includes about 230 pages of new material (mainly on Quantum Field Theory and the Renormalization Group) in addition to the 604 pages in the First Edition.  

From the book's web page:

This textbook, pitched at the advanced-undergraduate to beginning-graduate level, focuses on mathematical topics of relevance in contemporary physics that are not usually covered in texts at the same level. Its main purpose is to help students appreciate and take advantage of the modern trend of very productive symbiosis between physics and mathematics. Three major areas are covered: (1) linear operators; (2) group representations and Lie algebra representations; (3) topology and differential geometry.

The following are noteworthy features of this book: the style of exposition is a fusion of those common in the standard physics and mathematics literatures; the level of exposition varies from quite elementary to moderately advanced, so that the book is of interest to a wide audience; despite the diversity of the topics covered, there is a strong degree of thematic unity; much care is devoted to detailed cross-referencing so that, from any part of the book, the reader can trace easily where specific concepts or techniques are introduced.