College of Science


Science faculty

SEES participants get academic advising each quarter during the designated advising period. SEES would like to acknowledge the outstanding effort of our SEES faculty advisors. The SEES program has many student members and the amount of work it takes to advise them all is incredibly great. The program recognizes the faculty below for the amount of work that is put into guiding the students in our program. We wanted to convey our Thanks for all of their effort.

Biological Sciences

  • Dr. Steve Alas
  • Dr. Paul Beardsley
  • Dr. Edward Bobich
  • Dr. Nancy Buckley
  • Dr. John Chan
  • Dr. Sepehr Eskandari
  • Dr. Glenn Kageyama
  • Dr. Kris Lappin
  • Dr. Joan Leong
  • Dr. Wei-Jen Lin
  • Dr. Erin Questad
  • Dr. Bharti Sharma
  • Dr. Jayson Smith
  • Dr. Jaime Snyder
  • Dr. Andrew Steele
  • Dr. Angel Valdes

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Dr. Samir Anz
  • Dr. Joe Casalnuovo
  • Dr. Francis Flores
  • Dr. Michael Page
  • Dr. Laurie Starkey

College of Agriculture

  • Dr. Bonny Burns-Whitmore

Computer Science

  • Dr. Amar Raheja
  • Dr. Mohammad Husain
  • Dr. Daisy Sang
  • Dr. Daisy Tang
  • Dr. Lang Yang
  • Dr. Tingting Chen

Geological Sciences

  • Dr. Jeff Marshall
  • Dr. Jonathan Nourse

Kinesiology & Health Promotion

  • Dr. Laura Chase
  • Dr. Hyun Kang
  • Dr. Perky Vetter

Mathematics & Statistics

  • Dr. Stacy Brown
  • Dr. Berit Givens
  • Dr. Michael Green
  • Dr. Patricia Hale
  • Dr. Karen Linton
  • Dr. Laurie Riggs
  • Dr. Amber Rosin
  • Dr. Jennifer Switkes
  • Dr. Ryan Szypowski
  • Dr. Robin Wilson

Physics & Astronomy

  • Dr. Nina Abramzon
  • Dr. Steven McCauley
  • Dr. Hector Mireles
  • Dr. Matthew Povich
  • Dr. Homeyra Sadaghiani
  • Dr. Ertan Salik