College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

At-Risk Advising

If your Cal Poly Pomona GPA is 2.2 or less, you are considered to be "at risk," and a special hold is placed on your registration every quarter. To have this hold removed, you need to meet with Dr. Jill Hargis ( to work out a plan so that you can get out of at-risk status and return to your regular advisor.

Jill Hargis

At-Risk Advisor

Dr. Jill Hargis:

Tips for "At-Risk" Students (and their Advisors)

  • Schedule meetings with your regular advisor.
  • Consider meeting with the CLASS College Advising Center on a regular basis. 
  • Attend your mandatory "at-risk" advising session with Dr. Hargis every quarter before registration. 
  • Repeat courses you've failed, especially in your major core, and file a Course Forgiveness Through Course Repetition form (PDF).
  • Cut back on your work hours and/or your unit load.
  • Improve your study skills by visiting the Learning Resource Center (including the Reading Advisory & Mentoring Program and the University Writing Center).
  • Check online resources (schedule of classes, holds, study lists, grades, contact information, financial aid status, etc.) in Bronco Direct regularly.
  • Confirm the accuracy of your study list early in the quarter.
  • Avoid getting a grade of U (Unauthorized Withdrawal; Counts as F). If emergencies do arise and you need to drop courses, file drop petitions -- don't just stop showing up for class hoping that the problem will somehow go away.
  • Consider eligibility for retroactive withdrawal (by petition).
  • If you're going through a crisis (medical, financial, personal, etc.), consider sitting out for one or two quarters.
  • Consider petitioning for leave of absence (away more than 2 quarters; in good standing).
  • Observe time limits and grades required for completing preparatory English and math (E.O. 665) (PDF).