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AMM Professor Wins Award, Gains Publication

Published Date: Dec 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM

AMM Faculty Present at National Industry Conference

Seoha Min

A Cal Poly Pomona apparel merchandising and management professor got a paper published in a journal and earned an award at a recent international conference for another paper.

Associate Professor Seoha Min’s paper, “Exploring Design Factors in Designing Horticultural Garments for Older Adults,” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity in September.

Min also received the Paper of Distinction Award (Pedagogy and Professional Development Track) for her paper “Design Scholarship Practices: Analysis of ITAA Professionals’ Design Abstracts and Dissemination from 1999 to 2017.”

The award was presented at the International Textile and Apparel Association’s (ITAA) annual conference in Las Vegas, Oct. 25-29.

Min collaborated on the paper and gave an oral presentation on it with Sumin Koo of Konkuk University and Young-A Lee of Auburn University.

Min was one of several Cal Poly Pomona faculty who gave presentations at the ITAA conference. The other presentations included:

  • An oral presentation by Min collaborating with Koo and Lee on “Keywords Analysis of ITAA Professionals’ Design Proceedings from 1999 to 2017.”
  • Another oral presentation by Min on “Teaching Virtual Technology through Industry Collaboration: An Assessment of Pedagogical Process and Outcomes” with Nancy Hodges, Kittichai Watchravesringkan, Youngi Lee, and Sukyung Seo from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
  • An oral presentation by Assistant Professor Claire Whang who collaborated with Sanga Song of Indiana University on “The Impact of Perceived Humanlikeness of Voice Assistants on Purchase Intention.”
  • Design exhibits by Min and Young Kim of Winston-Salem State University on “Rhythmus 2019” and “Plaid Waltz.”
  • A poster presentation by Min on “Exploring Clinical Use of Apparel Design Activities Enhancing Spatial Ability Through Virtual Apparel Patternmaking.”
  • A poster presentation by Assistant Professor Saemee Lyu, Professor Muditha Senanayake – the interim AMM department chair – and student Sabrina Huynh on “Innovative Teaching for Real-World Capstone Experience in Apparel Production.”
  • A poster presentation by Lyu, collaborating with students Tiffani L. Pickens, Rodell Catalla, and Techen Chao, on “An Investigation into the Fabric Properties Affecting Swimwear Drying Performance.”
  • A poster presentation by Associate Professor Chitra Dabas, with students Kristen Callaway and Ciara Ross, on “Consumer Perception Toward Apparel Made from Alternative Textiles: Case of T-Shirts Made from Recycled Water Bottles.”
  • A poster presentation by Dabas with students Dewen Chen, Kelsey Noriega, Denise Lopez, and Shamia Hussain on “Diversity (or Lack of It) in Fashion Advertising: Attitude Toward Ads with Ethnically Diverse Models and its Influence on Purchase Intention and Word of Mouth.”
  • A poster presentation by Dabas and students Kelly Gilbreath and Stephanie Zarate on “Employee-Based Retail Technology and its Influence on Task Accomplishment and Job Performance.”