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Veterinarian/Professor Named Fulbright Specialist

Published Date: Oct 9, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Joanne Sohn

An animal and veterinary science professor was named a Fulbright Specialist to share her expertise with organizations and institutions overseas.

Joanne Sohn, an associate professor and veterinarian, was accepted into the Fulbright Specialists Program, which was created in 2001 by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

“I am honored to join this program and look forward to sharing my knowledge with organizations around the world,” Sohn said.

The program pairs highly qualified U.S. academics and professionals with overseas institutions to share their expertise, hone their skills, gain international experience, and learn about other cultures.

Fulbright Specialists are placed on a roster and are eligible to be matched with approved projects from more than 150 countries around the world.

The projects range from two to six weeks in length and can include delivering seminars or workshops, consulting on workforce development, developing training materials, lecturing, engaging in strategic planning, or conducting evaluations or needs assessments.

“My expertise would be in creating learn-by-doing experiences that complement the curriculum, similar to what I do here via the Spa Day/Vaccine Clinic and spay/neuter month,” Sohn said. “I also could do a seminar in anesthesia or some other veterinary-related topic.” 

A Cal Poly Pomona professor since 2014, Sohn directs the university’s animal health science program, which prepares students to become registered veterinary technicians – veterinary equivalent of nurses.

Sohn, who expressed interest in traveling to Africa or New Zealand, has experience working overseas.

She led a group of 13 animal health science students to Thailand in the summer of 2017 to work at an animal shelter and elephant park. In addition, she students on similar trip to South Africa in 2019 and to Ghana in 2018 with other California State University professors as part of partnership seminar with the University of Ghana.

Although the State Department has temporarily suspended the program and postponed all projects because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the program is still accepting applicants to become specialists. Sohn will be placed on the Fulbright Specialist roster for three years and remain eligible for exchanges.

The program covers the specialists’ travel expenses and provides them a daily honorarium.