Plant Science

Department Labs & Other Instructional Facilities

The Plant Science Department is fortunate to have excellent field facilities that are continually used in the hands-on components of the degree. 

The main asset is Spadra Educational Farm, located approximately one-half mile from campus. It consists of 150 acres of farmland, including a 10-acre block used for certified organic production, a citrus grove, areas for field agriculture, vegetable production, forage production and corn and cover crops. Additional cropping is interspersed on campus, including three vineyards, a historical citrus block, a large coffee varietal trial, avocados and numerous subtropical horticultural plantings. All are of commercial scale, allowing for appropriate student experiences. In addition to the on-campus farming facilities, the department operates a commercial citrus and avocado farm near Ventura, CA, and also farms a substantial amount of land in Chino, CA.

The Plant Science Department also utilizes a fairly new greenhouse complex near “Agriscapes”, the agricultural outreach and education center on campus. The greenhouse is used for education and production, with one range reserved for Urban and Community Agriculture and Controlled Environment Agriculture, and one range for organic production. A new greenhouse facility was built in 2016 as an insectary in support of the Asian Citrus Psyllid biological control program. This is in partnership with the CDFA and the California Citrus Research Board.  A new Plant Health Lab focusing on diagnosis of plant diseases is under construction.

Produce and nursery products are sold through the Farm Store on campus.  Students are employed at the Farm Store, and in all other aspects of the farming operations, providing them with valuable experience as well as income while they are students.