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Bronco Stampede

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The BroncoStampede Ambassador Program is a public relations organization of students who promote Cal Poly Pomona to prospective students, their families, alumni, potential donors and friends of the university.  The ambassadors are a select group of student leaders, who are involved in a number of campus and community activities.  Ambassadors are selected through a challenging application process and only those students who exemplify merit, leadership and academics are selected. 

The BroncoStampede Ambassadors are charged with giving presentations to prospective students and their families, alumni, and special visitors.  Ambassadors also represent Cal Poly Pomona, serve as hosts at campus events and inform current students about alumni participation after graduation.  Ambassadors have the benefit of networking with alumni, fellow student leaders and members of the campus community.

Bronco Stampede Crest

Behind Our Crest

The components of the BroncoStampede Ambassadors crest represent the rich history of Cal Poly Pomona. It consists of four quadrants, each representing Cal Poly Pomona’s transformation.

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Three ambassadors standing in the Japanese garden in uniform.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Bronco Stampede Ambassadors promote Cal Poly Pomona and personalize the university to prospective students and their families, alumni, potential donors and friends of the university. 

They also increase awareness of the benefits of Alumni Association membership and encourage Cal Poly Pomona students and alumni to participate in Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association activities.

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Become An Ambassador

Become An Ambassador

There are many reasons why you should become a Bronco Stampede Ambassador. Find out all the reasons and who are eligible to become one. You can also apply online today.


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If you have any questions about the Bronco Stampede program, please contact the Office of Alumni and External Relations at (909) 869-2963 or email