Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

SPICE: Classroom Modernization

Application to Modernize Classroom Equipment - Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Dr. Mehrad Kamalzare

Modernize Geotechnical Engineering Lab To Two Automatic Consolidometers

Dr. Ali Shafiee

Thermal and Multispectral Imaging for 3D Visualization & Animation

Dr. Omar Mora

Building a Remotely Accessible IoT Testbed and a Virtual Water Plant

Dr. Honggang Wang

A Hyflex Participatory Design Studio for Faculty, Students and Public Engagement

Dr. Weimin Li

Teaching Environment Modernize for AVS Laboratory Classroom

Dr. Holly Greene

Learn (about birds) by doing (research on them)

Dr. Andrea Bonisoli Alquati

Expanding the Success of Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab in Virtual Learning

Dr. Wei Yu

Modernizing Labs with Remote Hands-on Experiments

Dr. Farbod Khoshnoud

English and Modern Languages (EML) Language and Linguistics Lab (LLL)

Dr. Alison Baker

Supporting diverse teaching modes and improving student interactions with virtual tools and environments

Dr. Ha Le

Apparel Construction Lab Equipment Modernization

Muditha Senanayake

Experimental Structural Testing Lab for Face-to-Face and Remote Learning

Dr. Felipe Perez

Equipment Modernization for the New Exercise Science Lab Development

Dr. Edward Jo