Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

Best Practices in Teaching

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Once you’ve designed your course,
use a variety of tools to build a course
that accomplishes your goals.

Teaching in Different Formats
Creating Accessible Courses
Flexible Teaching for Emergencies

A network of people around the world


Make your course design come to life
as you work with your students.

Inclusive & Equitable Teaching
Teaching in Different Formats
Flexible Teaching for Emergencies

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“The best teaching is critically reflective”
Stephen Brookfield

Inclusive & Equitable Teaching
Reflective Teaching

Publicly Available and Self-Enroll Courses

This series of courses in best practices are self-paced, non-facilitated, asynchronous courses available either publicly or to self-enroll with your CPP Bronco credentials.

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Intro to Teaching with Canvas (Self-Enrollable)

If you’re new to Canvas or you want a refresher on basics, the self-enroll Intro to Teaching with Canvas Course will allow you to walk through basic steps for using Canvas to offer a good experience for your students (and therefore an easier experience for you.


Fundamentals of Accessibility eCertificate

All students should have the joy of learning, the freedom to grow, and the benefits of education! Accessibility of course materials and Universal Design for Learning helps make that vision a reality. In this self-paced, self-enrollable, certificate course get background and practical strategies, and also develop empathy for the needs of all students.


Course Design for Cal Poly Pomona

The goal of Course Design for Cal Poly Pomona is to support faculty to create courses that are informed by knowledge of the Cal Poly Pomona student body and our institutional mission and values.