Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

CAFE Summer Institute

"Doing the Work”: Anti-Racist Teaching & Learning

The goal of CAFE Summer Institute 2022 is to invite faculty to consider together what it means and how to offer a course that goes beyond using generally effective strategies to being anti-racist.

Because CAFE Summer Institute 2022 is partially supported by the NSF-funded PASSION “Polytechnic for All: Student Success in an Inclusive Institution” project, we are gearing material toward STEM, broadly defined to include social sciences, agriculture, quantitative business disciplines, landscape architecture and architecture. However, faculty of any discipline are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

We are grateful to Dr. Jose Aguilar-Hernandez (Ethnic & Women’s Studies), who has contributed substantially to the program’s outcomes, content, and activities, and serves as one of our keynote speakers. We’re excited to have Dr. Sandy Kewanhaptewa-Dixon (Ethnic & Women’s Studies) provide a session on land acknowledgements. We also thank Dr. Alejandro Covarrubias for his review and comments on the program.

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Format and Schedule

This 21-day remote Summer Institute will have synchronous sessions on Thursdays June 9, 16, 23, and 30, 10:00am-12:00pm. Afternoons from 1:00-3:00pm will feature optional “office hours” for technology help, consultation, and individual feedback. In between meeting days, participants will work on course materials asynchronously.


Foundational knowledge
  • Define anti-racist teaching and distinguish anti-racist teaching from inclusive teaching
  • Gain several workable, applicable strategies for an anti-racist STEM classroom
  • Plan to implement anti-racist strategies that are appropriate for your STEM class
  • Create or modify a signature assignment with anti-racist principles in mind
  • Articulate how the practices of anti-racist teaching might address unjust structures in the university and in your discipline
Human dimension
  • Identify values in your discipline that support anti-racism and consider how your teaching practice may enact those values
  • With faculty peers, provide and receive collegial feedback that offers thoughtful critique in a caring way, aware of the complex personhood of the recipient

Note: We use the Taxonomy of Significant Learning Outcomes (Fink, 2003 and 2013) as a framework for the design of this Institute.


Participants will receive a $500 honorarium for completion. Please plan to attend at least 3 of the 4 Thursday synchronous days and submit deliverables by July 10.


  • “Before CAFE Summer Institute” and “After CAFE Summer Institute” Syllabus
  • Draft of anti-racist teaching philosophy statement, based on modifications of teaching philosophy statements (teaching philosophies are usually incorporated into narratives for RTP or evaluation)
  • Mutual peer feedback for “After CAFE Summer Institute” syllabus and anti-racist teaching philosophy statement


  • Signature assignment created with anti-racist principles in mind
  • Reflections including plans for future actions or growth