Liberal Studies Exhibition: "Ethnobotany: Science+Culture+Art" co-hosted with Regenerative Studies 5170/L Community Dinner

December 15, 2023

LS 3042S: "Equity Issues in K-9 Science and Environmental Education” and this year’s MS Regenerative Studies cohort hosted a Ethnobotany: Science+Culture+Art Exhibition and a communial dinner. Students invtied their loved ones to see their final projects and enjoy a meal together.
LS 3042S is taught by Liberal Studies Professor, Dr. Teresa Lloro.
This course teaches the following: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in diverse K-9 environmental and science education contexts, including classrooms, afterschool programs, and non-profit organizations like urban farms. Embracing CPP’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world education settings by designing and teaching lessons at local school gardens and farms. Structural biases in environmental and science education, with a special emphasis on the urban K-9 US context. Examination of the history of environmental and science education in schools considering students’ cultural, race, and gender/sexuality backgrounds. Critical analysis of contemporary curricula, frameworks, developing strategies to effectively create an equitable and inclusive classroom. Explore concepts, theories, and frameworks in critical environmental and science teaching, such as culturally relevant pedagogy, that will provide students with concrete tools to use in their future careers as educators.
Throughout the semester students were able to practice these teachings by connecting with the neighboring community by volunteer work in community garden and their final art project where they tied in what they learned. Their final project is an example of what kind of projects can be done in K-12 classrooms that revolve around Science+Culture+Art.
Student visual art installations include, but are not limited to:
Roots of the Soul 
Garlic-Licious Life Cycle 
Cara de Nopal
Nature’s Healer
Preciosa Palma
Gobble Gobble
Royauté Violette
Strands of Resilience
Phillipines Citrus Healer
Pickles are DILLicious
Haus of Floral Husks
Before There Were Barbies…
The Beauty of Beets
Purify and Protect
Examples of these projects can be found on the first floor glass case in building 6 across from room 113.