Partners In Education 2024 PIE Fellows Awards

February 12, 2024



The Partners in Education Board held their annual PIE Fellows Award Ceremony for the 2024 PIE Fellows at Kellogg West on February 8, 2024. 28 Clinical Practice candidates were awarded a fellowship of up to $4,000. This fellowship is to help support Cinical Practice candidates during their semester in Clincal Practice.

The fellows, their loved ones, and guests enjoyed an evening of food and celebration.The awards ceremony was hosted by Dr. Sue Johnson, chair of the PIE Board. Guest speakers included, PIE Fellow Alumni and board member, Marlon Rojas Jr., President Soraya Coley, and 2024 PIE Fellows, Brandon Diep and Eliana Rodriguez.

Partners in Education (PIE) is a coalition of academic and community leaders dedicated to advocating for quality education and educational development at Cal Poly Pomona and surrounding communities. Each year, PIE provides fellowships of up to $5,000 each to support students during their clinical practice experience, a very important component of the credential program. Since 2006, the group has awarded over 250 fellowships to teacher candidates.