Degree Programs

The Poly Post editor

An increasingly complex society needs individuals to inform, interpret, and explain to the public the problems of that society. The Communication major prepares students to address this challenge and fill positions in the mass media, business, government, and education by offering students four options from which to choose:

  • Interpersonal Communication provides students with the skills to enter a variety of professions that require the ability to analyze communication patterns and propose solutions to enhance the quality of human interaction. It is especially useful for students planning to enter careers in education, counseling, and human resources or to attend graduate school.
  • Multimedia Journalism prepares students for careers in editorial and supervisory assignments with news organizations, magazines, industrial publications, and broadcast media. Students learn essential writing, reporting, video, and multimedia production skills.
  • Organizational Communication is for students who wish to emphasize interpersonal and intercultural communication for careers in business, government, and education. This option is especially useful for students planning to enter professional schools and graduate programs in communication.
  • Public Relations prepares students for careers in public relations, advertising, and human resource management. Classes offer state-of-the-art production equipment to help students produce brochures, newsletters, and press kits. Other courses give practical experience in event planning and multimedia communication.

The Communication Department also offers minors in Communication StudiesMultimedia Journalism, and Public Relations.