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Communication Department faculty


Your Communication Department Advisors

The Communication Department advisors can help you with anything from selecting which courses to take and planning your schedule to filling out course petitions and providing career advice. Even if you understand your curriculum sheet and follow your road map, we recommend checking in with your Communication advisor at least once a semester prior to your registration date to make sure you are on the right track toward graduation.

You can find out who your Communication Department advisor is on the bottom, right-hand side of your Student Center on BroncoDirect/PeopleSoft. Once you know who your advisor is, you can find his or her contact information on the Communication Department's faculty webpage.

If no program advisor is listed, you can contact any of the advisors in your option. Those advisors are Dr. Mark Generous, Dr. Pavitra Kavya, Dr. Sunny Lie Owens, or Dr. Dana Marshall for Communication Studies, Dr. Ivana Cvetkovic, Dr. Lauren FureyDr. Jason Turcotte, or Dr. Hyunjin Gill for Multimedia Journalism, and Dr. Jane Ballinger, Dr. Kang Hoon SungDr. Nell Horowitz, Dr. Andrea Smith, or Dr. Denisse Vasquez Guevara for Public Relations.

The Communication Department Website

The Communication Department’s website contains useful resources, including your option requirements, internship forms, information about The Poly Post, our student clubs, and other ways to get involved in the Communication Department, as well as a directory of faculty members, including their contact information. We especially recommend checking out our frequently asked questions about advising and referring to the course rotation sheet (below) to plan for classes.

Course Rotation Sheet

The Course Rotation Sheet provides a list of Communication courses available each semester.

The CLASS Student Success Center

The CLASS Student Success Center offers help for any advising questions not related to Communication. We especially recommend reaching out to one of their advisors if you have questions related to GE classes, need a graduation check, or if you have anAt-Risk, Probation, or Probation with Contract hold on your account. Visit its website to view drop-in hours or to schedule an appointment with one of their advisors.

The Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office provides numerous resources on its website, including but not limitedto information about registration, course repetition and grade forgiveness, applying for graduation, transfer credits, and almost all of the academic advising forms/petitions.

Student Success Central

Student Success Central's Advising and Academic Resources webpage contains tutorials on how to use course planning resources such as your Degree Progress Report, Transfer Credit Report, and CPP Connect Planner. It also provides links to helpful resources like the list of GE courses and, which provides a list of community college courses that transfer to Cal Poly Pomona).