2022 graduates

Alumni and Student Testimonials 

“As someone who graduated from the CPP Communication Department and has gone on to pursue a Ph.D. in the field, I can confidently say that my time in the Department had a meaningful impact on my personal growth and professional career. While studying in the Department, I took a range of technical and theoretical classes that sparked my interest in doing communication research. I am incredibly grateful to the supportive faculty, who not only helped me during my time at CPP but have continued to support my academic growth even years after I graduated. I’m very proud to call myself a CPP Communication alum!” -Dana Ekhtiar, Class of 2017 

“My time in the Communication Department at Cal Poly Pomona truly set me up for success in my communications career. Its polytechnic approach sets it apart, as the faculty want to equip students to be able to hit the ground running upon graduation. Whether it's a simulated crisis press conference in Crisis Comms, planning and executing a huge event like COM Day, or developing a PR plan for a company, these classes offer an exceptional learning environment to identify your likes and dislikes and help you prepare for your future.” -Carly Owens, Class of 2016 

"I started out at Cal Poly as a Finance, Real Estate, and Law major - extremely different from Communication. I just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I thought business was the safest route to take. As a business major, I hated school. I didn't feel motivated or excited to make friends or learn. Then one day I was speaking to a co-worker of mine and he told me how he had majored in communications! I decided to look into it and the course offerings at Cal Poly, and was surprised to find that the classes actually seemed interesting. Becoming a Communication major has changed my life. Completely. In particular, Dr. Generous and Dr. Lie Owens have become my mentors and people I am truly sad to be leaving when I graduate. The entire Communication department is beyond helpful, and welcoming." -Miraal Tabani, Upcoming Class of 2023

"I loved the Communications Department at Cal Poly Pomona. I changed my major from Science, Technology, and Society to Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations later than I would have liked, but they supported my academic journey. There were many positive leadership opportunities for me to explore. I was president of Lambda Pi Eta and the Public Relations Student Society of America. I made many excellent connections with students and the faculty. The department has a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive approach to education, and I benefited from this approach. With the help of the fantastic community of Cal Poly Pomona's Communication Department, I am working at the National Geographic Society as an Internal Communications Specialist." -Zane Landin, Class of 2022

"Transferring from a community college to CalPolyPomona I was intimidated if I would be ready for the coursework of a four-year university. Starting into my organizational communication studies I began to learn of the different interworkings and theories that make up our understanding of communications in our natural world. Working with like-minded peers helped assist my complete understanding of our goals and objectives of our coursework, our cohort provided us to become successful in our studies. Alongside professors that made sure that we understood the content and allocated time to meet with us outside the classroom to provide further clarification. I believe strongly that my time at Cal Poly Pomona more than adequately prepared me for my professional career after my studies." -Stephen Campos, Class of 2018

“I enjoyed how collaborative that class was.  The Communication Research class [in the lab] was so welcoming that it allowed me and my classmates to learn from each other and collaborate and thus learn better. The tools that the computers provided were really useful to get a full view of some of the tools we might have to use when researching in our future, which was really helpful to see and use."  –Sarah Ashley Weimer, Current Communication Student

Faculty Testimonials

“I knew this is the place I was meant to be at the first day I set foot on this campus for my interview. I have not regretted for a moment that I made the decision to accept a position here in the Communication Department. I work with a group of dedicated and passionate faculty who care about and support each other, and about helping our students achieve their full potential. Our students are eager to learn, passionate, and willing to work hard. I have been and continue to be amazed and inspired by their perseverance to continue and complete their education, often against tough life circumstances.” -Dr. Nell Huang Horowitz, Chair and Professor

“I've been with this department for almost a decade now. I can honestly say it is one of the healthiest academic departments I've ever been in! My colleagues are amazing scholars, but they have the heart of a teacher. We root for our students! We do everything in our power to support them. We also enjoy each other's company outside of work!” -Dr. Sunny Lie Owens, Associate Professor 

"Cal Poly Pomona's Communication Department is a second home to me. My colleagues are not just amazing teachers and scholars; they are amazing people, who are so incredibly kind and supportive to me, to each other, and to all students. I'm proud to call them some of my very best friends, not just my co-workers. Also, the dedication our students show to their degrees truly inspires me daily. They are intelligent, hard working, and passionate about their classes, student media outlets and clubs, as well as research, all while balancing full-time jobs, home responsibilites, and often tough circumstances. I'm learning just as much from them in the classroom as they are from me, and I'm so honored I get to play a small part of their journey to becoming outstanding reporters and practitioners in the communication field." -Dr. Lauren Furey, Associate Professor