English & Modern Languages

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't addressed below, contact the Composition Coordinator, Dr. Kristin Prins, from your CPP email, and include your Bronco ID number in the body of the email.

Please see the Directed Self-Placement page for an explanation.

Please see the Composition Courses page for an explanation.

Sections with an "M" designation are specially designed for multilingual speakers. These sections have the same kinds of readings and assignments as the monolingual sections (ENG 1100, 1101, 1103). The major difference is that they are taught by faculty with a strong background in linguistics and language acquisition, in addition to rhetoric and writing.

Students whose DSP results indicate taking an "M" section should do so. Students whose results do not indicate taking an "M" section should not do so.

The DSP factors in your previous coursework, standardized test scores, CSU multiple measures placement category, and answers to survey questions about your linguistic background and experiences with and attitudes about reading and writing in English.

If we have incomplete information about your high school courses, grades, or test scores, then your CSU multiple measures placement category could be updated once that information is complete — and that may change your DSP results.

However, if all of that information is correct, then your honest answers to the questions in the DSP survey indicate that the results are correct. We recommend enrolling in the indicated course and, during the first two weeks of the semester, considering whether the pace and the content of the course are a good fit for you. Discuss placement questions with your instructor once they have read your writing.

If your major's curriculum sheet or roadmap indicate that you should take ENG 1103, but your DSP results indicate taking ENG 1103M or Stretch Composition (ENG 1100 + 1101 or 1100M + ENG 1101M), take what is recommended on the DSP. The curriculum sheet or roadmap is using "ENG 1103" to stand in for "GE A2," but the way you complete the GE A2 requirement in Written Communication should be tailored to you. This is what the DSP does.

An advisor in your major will be able to help you plot out a new version of your roadmap to make sure you stay on course to graduation.

First, please confirm with an advisor in the Bronco Advising Center that your test score or course credit does meet CPP's criteria for fulfilling the GE A2 requirement.

If it does and you are getting emails about the DSP, feel free to delete and ignore them. You will be taken off the reminder list once your score or course credit is in our system.

If it does and you are planning to register for a fall GE A3 course during Summer Orientation, you will be able to work with a registration advisor during orientation to get any permission codes needed for you to enroll.

First, retake and pass ENG 1100 or 1100M (whichever your DSP results indicate). Make good use of your instructor's office hours, meet regularly with tutors in the Writing Center, and access any other support services that could help you be successful at CPP.

Then, take ENG 1101 or 1101M (whichever your DSP results indicate) to complete the GE A2 requirement in Written Communication.

You may not take ENG 1103 or 1103M to complete the requirement.

Summer is the only time students whose DSP results indicate that they should take an "M" section are eligible to take a non-"M" section (ENG 1100, 1101, or 1103). This is because summer sections are taught by faculty who also teach "M" sections — and so are well prepared to support your further development as a writer.

On the quarter system, we had three sequences for completing the GE A2 requirement in Written Communication:

  1. Extended Stretch Composition: ENG 100 + 106 + 107 (3 quarters)
  2. Stretch Composition: ENG 108 + 109 (2 quarters)
  3. First-Year Composition: ENG 110 (1 quarter)

Our multilingual sections were designated by a section number in the 30s.

If you partially completed the Extended Stretch or Stretch sequence, please contact the Composition Coordinator, Dr. Kristin Prins, with questions about placement in our current sequences.

ENG 105 and 130 are the old course numbers for our GE A3 course in Critical Thinking, which is now ENG 2105: Written Reasoning.