Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium


Symposium Information: The annual Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium showcases students' research through oral and poster presentations. The symposium provides a venue for students interested in research and/or graduate school to practice their presentations for regional and national conferences.

Undergraduate students of Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, and alumni are invited to participate.


Lowell Overton

Background: Mr. Lowell Overton is a CPP alumni who graduated with a BHS major back when Psychology and Sociology were still one department called Behavioral Sciences. This is why we have students from both departments (Psychology and Sociology) presenting together at the symposium. Mr. Overton has used the knowledge and skills he developed at CPP to build a successful real estate career. In 2008, he was ranked #1 nationally in sales for Coldwell Banker Affiliates and #10 in the world. He has been an amazing friend and benefactor to the University, the Sociology and Psychology Department, and symposium supporter.

For more information about the Symposium and how to apply, contact the symposium chair for Sociology: Dr. Gabriele Plickert,

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14th Lowell Overton Research Symposium (in person) - April 21, 2023

  • Anih, Brenda, Cynthia Mendoza, and Rocio Jazmin Padilla. “The Relationship Between Student Employment Status and Mental Health.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniels.  
  • Castillo, Alysa and Kamryn Flores. “Trends of Violent Crimes: Aggravated Assaults in Los Angeles from 2018-2022.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert
  • Chan, Eric. “Post-Covid Pedagogy: A Student's Meditations on Student Engagement in 2023.”
  • Gonzalez Campos, Arisbeb. “Undocumented Students’ Experience in Higher Education.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aguilar-Hernandez.
  • Gonzalez Maya, Marisol. “The Relationship between Gender and Confirmation to Traditional Gender Roles.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniels.
  • Hua, Samantha. “Addressing the Effects of Parental Incarceration.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hanink.
  • Iglesias, Oona. “Effectiveness of the McNair Scholars Program at Cal Poly Pomona.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hanink.
  • Johnson, Jordan. “How Social Media Impacts Young Women.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hanink.
  • Mendieta, Priscila. “First Generation College Students’ Experiences of Resilience.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tellez-Trujillo.
  • Nguyen, Uyen Nghi. “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Existing Solutions on Reducing the Proliferation of Digitized Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hanink
  • Ortiz, Melissa. “South Korean Sowing the Seeds of a Supportive Community.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Danico.
  • Penate, Jasmine. “What Factors Influence a Shift Away from Indigenous Identities and Cultures to Mainstream Western Culture Among Indigenous Guatemalans.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Zermeño
  • Ramirez, Dinah Samantha. “The Gender Pay Gap: The Experiences of Women Faculty Members at Cal Poly Pomona.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan. Recipient of the Best Poster Presentation Award.
  • Villanueva, Mandi. “Collegiate Athletics and Perceptions of Depression.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Collazo. Recipient of the Best Paper Presentation Award.
  • White, Crystal. “Sexual Self and Sexual Behavior.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hanink.
  • Wolf, Jayce. “Homelessness, a Lifestyle or a Choice?” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.

13th Lowell Overton Research Symposium (virtual) - April 22, 2022

  • Chan, Eric. "Ads Want to Sell Something: How Political Corporate Messaging Commodifies Resistance." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wachs.
  • Herrera, Nicole. "Parental perceptions of their children's social skills and technology use among adolescents." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniels.
  • Patterson, Lindsay. "Alcohol Dependency and Meaningful Friendships." 
  • Villanueva, Mandi. "Collegiate Athletics and Perceptions of Anxiety." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Collazo.
  • Whitehouse, Emilie. "An Analysis of the Andrew Cuomo Case: How Does the Media Portray Victims of Sexual Assault?" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Barragan. Recipient of the Best Paper Presentation Award.


12th Lowell Overton Research Symposium (first virtual symposium)

  • Armas, Rosalia. "We're in this Together: Faculty Advocating for Student Parents?" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Collazo
  • Barrios, Deanna, M., Luisa Soracco, and Kelly Deng (and co-authors: Shihka Gupta, Brooke Jones, Alyssa Jurevics, Harmony Nguyen, Cecilia Nguyen, Krusha Patel, and Natalia Perez). "Effectiveness of a Multidisciplinary Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Enhancing Pedagogy in Online Learning." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Fuqua, Dr. Wachs, and Dr. Nissenson. 
  • Barrios, Deanna, M., Brooke Jones, Natalia Perez (and co-authors: Cecilia Nguyen, Harmony Nguyen, Luisa Soracco, Kelly Deng, Alyssa Jurkevics, Shikka Gupta, and Krusha Patel). "Evaluating the Effects of an Online Library on Student Performance in a Bottleneck Mechanical Engineering Course." Poster Presentation: Faculty Mentors: Dr. Fuqua, Dr. Wachs, and Dr. Nissenson. 
  • Chan, Eric (and co-authors: Beverly Cotter, Joshua Diaz, Christian Garcia, and Rojelio Munoz). "Analyzing the Response to Nike's Woke Advertising: Does it have a meaning?" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wachs. 
  • Cooper, Emily. "Mapping Crime in Times of Social Distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Spatial Snapshot of California." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert. Recipient of the Best Paper Presentation Award.
  • Hernandez, Denise. "The Tale of Managerial Status Affecting the Reaction of the Bystanders' Perception on the Female Employee Filing a Sexual Harrassment Claim." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Collazo. 
  • Morando, Jizelle. "In the Name of Hate: Exploring Determinants of Hate in California." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Sakasegawa, Jordan. "The Rise of Political Violence (2019 vs. 2020)." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Vara Escobar, Andrea and Rosalia Armas. "Parenting Through Higher Education." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Navarro-Cruz & Dr. Dávila 
  • Wilson-Boone, Jennifer. "Socioeconomic Status Matters: Segregation Neighborhood Effects on Education Quality." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniels. Recipient of the Best Poster Presentation Award.

11th Lowell Overton Research Symposium

  • Balagula, Helen. "Transnationalism, Diaspora, and Identity: Experiences of Ukrainian Immigrants." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Balagula, Helen & Leon, Y. "From Military to Student Life: Experiences of Women Veterans in Higher Education." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Narayan.
  • Medrano, Victoria. "When Women Fight Back: Differential Approaches of Intimate Partner Violence and Punishment.” Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Safari. J.  "Latinas in Sociology." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Lopez, Dr. Collazo, Dr. Huerta.
  • Saucedo, L & Barrios, Deanna. M. "Drug Abuse and Its Correlation to Homelessness." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jones


10th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Arevalo, Brittaney & Branden Escobar. "Deployment and Veteran Status: How do students define their veteran identity." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Narayan.
  • Ferrer, Efigenia & Genesis Gonzalez. "The Challenges of Being a School Social Worker." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Gutierrez, Olivia & Renee Arroyo. "Investigating Veteran Resource Centers: the key to higher education integration? Comparing community colleges and four-year universities." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Narayan.
  • Ponce, Christopher, Desirae Aguirre, & Marisa Aguirre. "The Perception of Black Women in America, Past and Present." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan. Recipients of the Outstanding Presentation Award.

9th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Aguila, Karen. "The Sex Talk."
  • Aguilar, Veronica, Gwendolyn Wells, Janice Vu, and Anna Watkins. "Millennials Gen I and Gen II: Coming of Age in a Social Media Saturated World." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Danico, Dr. Wachs, & Dr. Ocampo.
  • Khander, Rafif. "Why do We do What We do?" Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Lopez, Lydia. "Presentation of Self in a Police Department: An Ethnographic Study." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Luna, Jessica. "The Language Graveyard." Faculty Mentor: Ms. Muniz.
  • Maciel, Elizabeth. "Everything is Getting Better: Resilience in Children of Divorce." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Nguyen, Cecilia, Alyssa Marquez, Katrina Tabangcura, Julia Lozano, Evelyn Katchoudorian, Danell Martinez. "Adoption of active learning activity: Barriers to Team Battles’ effectiveness in an engineering course." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentors: Dr. Fuqua & Dr. Wachs.
  • Pavlinac, Kayla, Evan Greco & Ruby Ramirez. "Promoting Student Parent Success." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dávila.
  • Shaw, Olivia. "A Sociological Perspective on the Relationship between Humans and Animals." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan. Recipient of the Outstanding Presentation Award.
  • Villalobos, Cynthia & Olivia Bosek. "Analyzing Resources Available to Student Parents Within the CSU System." Poster Presentation. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dávila.

8th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Atienza, William. "An Examination of Cultural Capital, Silence and Discipline in a High School Environment." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Campos, Crystal. "Cyberfriends are Real Friends whether Accepted by Society or Not." Faculty Mentors: Drs. Wachs & Fong.
  • Castillo, Carolina. "Male Sex Work." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Fong.
  • Galvon, Diana E. "Digital Panopticon." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wachs.
  • Hernandez, Priscilla. "Alienation in the Workplace and Methods used to Disrupt the Monotony." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dávila.
  • Maciel, Elizabeth. "Parental Stressors, Neighborhood Perception and Female Aggression." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Matanane, Jared. "Nationality and Sacredness." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Mendoza, Gabriela. "The Racialization of Minorities in Anime and Cartoons." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Plickert.
  • Ugalde, Maria. "A Look at the 2016 Presidential Election through the Eyes of Political Memes." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karapetian-Giorgi.
  • Shatikian, Kareen. "Perceptions of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF)." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karapetian-Giorgi.
  • Villaijn, Brianna. "Effectiveness of Inner-City Arts." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Narayan, Dr. Morales, & Dr. Ocampo.
  • Ylaya, Chantel & Haley Dunaj. "Insider-Outsider Dilemmas- Doing Research with Student Veterans." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Narayan

7th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Chichester, Zanetta. "A Dissection of Commercials." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Fuentes, Vincent. "Going Beyond Teaching: A More Humanizing Education." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan & Dr. Fong. Recipient of the Outstanding Presentation Award.
  • Garcia, Aaron. "The Loss of Self Through Technology." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Green, Josephine. "The Wicca Community of Los Angeles." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Munoz, Alejandro. "Imageboards and the Alternative Right." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Rodarte, Monica & Joanna Delgado. "Veteran Women and Misrepresentation in Media News." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Shatikian, Kareen. "A Foucauldian Examination of “Rabiz” Culture." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.
  • Ylaya, Chantel & Haley Dunaj. "Veteran Students: An Investigation." Faculty Mentors: Dr. Morales & Dr. Narayan.
  • Zadoorian, Christeneh. "People Who Made Us Fat Vs. People Who Made Us Thin." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong.


6th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Chichester, Zanetta. "Ethnographic Study on Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan.
  • Daguplo, Jerome. "Hans Morgenthau’s Realism." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong. 
  • Glenn, Mara. "Ethnographic Study on Parental Involvement in Youth Soccer." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan
  • Leon, Minerva. "Ethnographic Observations of a Prison Tour." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan, Recipient of the Outstanding Presentation Award. 
  • Macias, Brittany. "Latina Feminism." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fong