Solar Powered Charging Umbrella Installed in Courtyard

Powersol Umbrella

The Collins College of Hospitality Management is taking another step in contributing to Cal Poly Pomona’s sustainability efforts by installing Cal Poly Pomona's first Zon Technology Powersol Umbrella. Nine more Powersol umbrellas will be installed by the end of October. Students will be able to charge their electronic devices by plugging their cables into one of the three ports in the umbrella’s hub-- which can simultaneously charge three devices at a time.

This innovative fixture is equipped with eight rectangular solar panels that attached securely to the ribs of the umbrella. In an effort to be more energy efficient, each charging port can recognize when a mobile device has been fully charged and stops the energy flow to the respective device without disrupting other devices that are charging.

“We, at the Collins College, are doing our part to promote sustainability and increase awareness in these efforts one-step at a time," says The Collins College's Project Manager Andrew Naranjo. "The installation of the ZON Technology Powersol Umbrella allows the students to attain from this clean sustainable energy to power their mobile devices. Particularly at a time when students are heavily dependent on their one or two mobile electronic devices that they use throughout the day on campus, the umbrella will be a welcoming resource for them to recharge their devices between classes.”

Completely charged, the Powersol Umbrella can equip users with 16 hours of energy, and its hub can sustain up to 54 watts of clean energy. The Collins College’s location and climate makes these umbrellas very efficient and the use of the Powersol umbrella helps reduce the college’s carbon footprint since 15 percent of energy consumption is from electronic devices.

This umbrella is stationed between buildings 79A and 78B along the exterior promenade where students will find it most helpful to charge their devices between classes.